Tuesday 30 January 2018

‘Brothers’ by Amy

It is not often that I get the chance to scrap pages of my two boys together. We are blessed that our boys have a close bond. They do a lot of talking and backyard sports together during their downtime. Pictured here is a snap taken after a basketball game and before a movie.

For this page I used Kraft cardstock. Using a chunky hog bristle brush, I applied both Black and White Heavy Gesso to the areas ready for the wet mediums to be applied later.
To speed up the drying process, I used my craft heat gun. Otherwise you can set it aside to air dry.

Using a chevron-based stencil and the stunning Sunset  Colour Spray I gave it a good spray then lifted the stencil up and repeated on the right-hand side of the page.
I must add that I moved the ink around a bit. As did not want the chevron pattern to be fully recognisable. After I was happy with the coverage, I used a craft gun to heat-dry the ink.

I wanted to add some texture to my page. The Tangareen Dream and Dusty Charcoal Colour Pastes were just the thing to use here. Seeing as the boys’ basketball uniforms have stars on them, I used a star-based stencil from D-Lish Scraps.

As pictured, I used the Tangareen Dream Colour Paste over the Sunset Colour Spray and the Dusty Charcoal over the black areas.

After the texture pastes had dried, I wanted to add some white splatters to my page, as it was looking a little dark. The combo of White Heavy Gesso and water was the perfect duo to use, as it creates an opaque splattered look.


As you can see I used a stamping block as a palette. I mixed some water and White Heavy Gesso and splattered it over the page – and set aside to dry.
Next it was time to work on my key embellishments. For the title, I wanted to create an Ombre (gradual light to dark) effect. First, using a sharpie pen, I covered the chipboard word completely.


For the heat-embossing process, I stamped the Versamark ink on it then sprinkled both Bling and Sienna Colour Embossing Powders.

Using a heat gun, I heat embossed the powder. 

In keeping with my ‘orange’ theme, I quickly sprayed one of Charm’s Creations DIY arrows. These absorb ink very well. I then set it aside.
With all the preparations done, it was time to layer my shots and embellish my page… and ‘voila!’

Am happy with this one.

Here are some close-ups.

Thank you for stopping by.
Amy 😊


Monday 29 January 2018

"What's your story?" by Mal

Hi all, 
Mal here with a share this week of a page with no photo...yes no photo.

I did this page and have deliberately not used a photo...bit weird hey but I like it.

I started with a swipe of Slipper  Colour Artist Ink...I actually used a bit of hessian dipped in the ink and then swiped across the page. I really like the ink look on the page and the intensity of the colour.

Then I smeared some Colour Paste in Sunshine
I wanted to add some depth and dimension to my page so I took some gauze and stuck it to me page with some more smears of the Sunshine Colour Paste.

Whilst this was drying I sprayed my raw wood veneer frame with Bubblegum  Colour Spray.

And I inked and sprayed my chipboard title first with Cider  Colour Artist Ink but the colour got lost in the chipboard.

So I then inked it with Oasis  Colour Artist Ink, but it looked green rather than blue.

So I sprayed over it with Carribean  Colour Spray and finally go the colour I wanted.

After I placed all my embellishments I splattered a few drops of Soot Colour Artist Ink

And that's it...What do you think? 

Happy scrapping....Mal xxx

Sunday 28 January 2018

"Capture the Moment" by Melissa Struhs

Morning Everyone! How quickly the end of the month approaches and sometimes a quick interpretation of a sketch can help you pull a layout together fast. Here's my take on the challenge and step by step tutorial.

With the January Colour Blast Creative Corner Challenge this month we had an excuse to pull out the black cardstock as a base and make our favourite products really shine. There are still a few days to get your entry in if you are creating up a storm this weekend...take this sketch and make your own adjustment. It can be all mixed media in the place of where patterned paper looks like it goes, arrows can become a stencilled flower, circles could become a cluster of stamped and embossed images. Let creativity take over and see where it leads...

My inspiration began with a 12 x 12 stencil, the long drape of the light bulb drapes were exactly what I envisioned to bridge the gap between the two clusters in the challenge sketch. For intricate stencils, I will grab a small piece of washi tape to secure it to my desk or non stick craft, allowing me to concentrate on achieving the best finish possible. Firstly, I began with Steel Colour Paste to give the illumination look for the lights.

I then inked a chipboard title and vintage looking bulbs, 

added a heavy coat of Singin' the Blues Colour Embossing Powder to them. I always just tip the excess powder off, never tap the chipboard. It gives an all over full and glossy, metallic finish after they have been heat set.

And to add another colour, I repeated the same but this time with Just Blue Colour Embossing Powder over a very wet navy ink.

Sometimes, I find that pressing the inked piece face down in the Colour Embossing powder can also be a great way of achieving the same effect without having to shake or sprinkle it over the embellishments.

I wanted to overlap and layer a lot of these individually coloured pieces to create some real pop against the black cardstock and to compliment the tones of colours in the graffiti style photographs on my layout.

To create a more illuminated feel, I dipped a long bristled brush in Singin' the Blues and Just Blue Colour Shimmer Spray and splattered it around the matching bulb colours.

See if you can grab a few creative hours and take the challenge this month. I love seeing how you all grab an idea and run with it.
Till next time,

Saturday 27 January 2018

What do YOU do when you don't love it?! ~ Scrapbook Process with Melinda

Hello Colour Blasters and welcome to the blog today! Melinda here with you with last share for January!

Funny how I came to this design though because I started with a patterned paper background and decided I just didn't love it, heck I didn't even like it really so I thought I would use what I had done to create something I at least liked!!

First up - patterned paper and White Heavy Gesso. A thick-ish/random, smeary coat in the area where I was going to put my photo's. I left that over night to dry.

When I came back the next day I turned my camera on and you can see my process from here on out over on the Colour Blast YT channel and keep scrolling for my step by steps....

I decided I wanted a dark contrast so grabbed my Dusty Charcoal Colour Paste and a stencil and after I marked where my photos were going I added some paste in 2 different areas. And smeared it on the top left so added a 3rd place with the paste.

Before this dried I knew I wanted an orange/black/gold colour scheme so I grabbed my Bling Colour Embossing Powder and sprinkled a little here and there over my Colour Paste and heat set the lot! Not only does heat setting it set the embossing powder but it also makes the Paste all bubbly and gives more awesome texture!

At this point I was thinking "Hrm, I'll add a bit more colour and maybe I'll start to love it more" so I grabbed my Sunset and Saffron Colour Sprays and some packaging and got to work using the smooshing (yep, that's the techy word ;) ) technique, working a small-ish section at a time and drying in between.

While I was working on that it occurred to me that the reason the 3rd spot of paste wasn't gelling was because I hadn't added gesso first, so I told myself "I'll add some smooshing here too and that will work better". TBH with you, NOPE, just nope! Ok, time to re-think my idea!

I grabbed some circle punches and dies and got to chopping up the paper - I did feel some satisfaction here - and immediately I was liking it better!! White cardstock and clear gesso for the background and I was ready to go again!

I added some ink to both my circles and the thin mat I had applied to my photos using Archival Black ink and placed the circles and photos in a configuration, first horizontally, that I thought would work. Meh, so I tried vertically and was like "Yay!! THIS is it!!"

Remove everything from the page again, grab my black archival ink and a couple of texture stamps and stamp, stamp, stamp!!

Next, I used both my Bling Colour Shimmer Spray and Colour Shimmer Pot to apply lots of pretty gold to the background. I sprayed the mist first, I wanted a fine, light coverage then I used the Bling Colour Shimmer Cube with both the packaging technique and also a paint brush and added colour to my hearts content.

Oh, and of course splatters! I used my paint brush and Colour Shimmer Pot. And Colour Spray in Roadbase also using a brush!

I added some gold stitching with my sewing machine through some of the circles and then it was time to stick, stick, stick!

I did add some more Bling splatters after all the circles were stuck down but before the photo was stuck down.

And lots of close ups! Enjoy!

So, just because you are not loving what you started does not mean that either a) you need to ditch the whole lot or b) you have to "put up with" and keep what you don't love!! Play! I'm sure, like me you have a good stash of awesome product that can sometimes be neglected, pull it out and PLAY!!!

That's it for me for this post and January so see you again next month, I cannot wait to play along with the next challenge, it's a fun one ;)