Monday 31 July 2017

'Brotherly Love' by Rachel Dutko

Hello everyone!
Today I have a layout documenting the 
typical relationships between siblings!
Strong and steadfast, sometimes prickly, but ultimately timeless!

Here is how I created my page-

I primed my page with White Heavy Gesso then applied
Singin' The Blues Colour Shimmer Cube with plenty of water.
I also added some flicks of colour with my paintbrush.

Once that was dry the next step was to add some stamping and 
Just Blue Colour Paste through a stencil.

While my base page dried it was on to colouring the chipboard pieces.
I coloured the small chains with White Heavy Gesso, and sprayed the other chipboard pieces with Colour Sprays (Coffee and Carribean).

I covered the part of the chipboard I didn't want to spray with Carribean with washi,
and then once the Colour Spray had dried I took off the washi
and then coloured that part with White Heavy Gesso.

The next step for my chipboard was to heat emboss with Leather and Steel
Colour Embossing Powders.

Let's have a closer look at the shimmer of the embossing powder-

The chipboard pieces that I primed with gesso have a real shiny, metallic look from the Colour Embossing Powder, and the pieces that I sprayed first with Colour Spray
have a softer, more organic tone.

I hope I've inspired you to dig out your chipboard
and try some different techniques.

Thanks for looking

Rachel x x

Sunday 30 July 2017

In The Limelight by Farrel Tailor

Hey there Colour Blast peeps!!

Well today is the last time you will see my posts here at Colour Blast. I would like to start off by saying a huge thank you to Tenisha and the awesome girls at Colour Blast. I have enjoyed every moment being apart of this amazing team for the last 12 months. 
I would also like to send a massive thank you to all of you that have liked or commented on my work. It means the world to me - you guys rock and will always hold a special place in my heart!!!

So with that said here is my last layout using 7 Dots Studios Hazy Days and my favourite Colour Shimmer Dusts and paste.

I started off by cutting my background cardstock and creating the layers for behind my photo. I used a pencil to mark where my photo was going to go for the next step.

Next I used White Heavy Gesso and applied it in short strokes using an old gift card.

Once it was dry I then used an alphabet stencil and Watering Can Archival ink to add the stenciling to the background.

After I gave my stenciled areas a quick dry with my heat gun, I then used Sunflower Colour Shimmer Dust and mixed a small amount with water. 

I then applied it to my layout with a baby wipe in a dabbing motion.

I used the same technique with Peacock and Duke Colour Shimmer Dust. Making sure I dried the dust in between colours.

Once I was happy with the colours I used Stormy Weather Colour Paste with a Dusty Attic Criss Cross Stencil and dried with my heat gun.

And the last step I used Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust (my favourite colour ever!!!) to add some colour to the die cut stars from Hazy Days. A little goes such a long way with the dust so I only dipped the tip of my wet paint brush into the lid of the powder.

To finish it off I added some stamping using archival ink, some staples and a flair from Funky Flair Studios and there you have it, another layout completed using these amazing products.

So thank you again to everyone that has followed me and allowed me to share my creations with you all. Stay creative and I love you all xx

Friday 28 July 2017

I can't believe I made this! - by Fiona Hughes

Hi my fellow crafters. I'm here with you all again to share this layout of my eldest, Georgia. This pic was on her Year 12 Formal. She looked so beautiful, I couldn't help thinking, "I can't believe I made this"....... How did that happen.....????

Anyways, I started with some heavy gauge cardstock, spritzed with water, (in a diamond shape), and also some Colour Shimmer Spray in Deep Water & Stormy Weather. I moved the colour with some more water and a watercolour brush, until I was happy to leave it alone to dry. 
After the background was dry, I added some flicks of Stormy Weather Colour Shimmer Spray, by unscrewing the spray nozzle and simply  tapping the tubing part and allowing the solution to splatter....and again allowed to dry naturally.

One of my embellishments was this piece of plain white, medical gauze. I sprayed it with  Colour Shimmer Sprays- Stormy Weather & Steel, setting it aside to dry.... I admit, I did give it a little attention with the heat tool to finish off! Lol.

Ok, let's look to the background again.
 I took a damask-type stencil, a palette knife and my favourite Colour Paste- Steel. I worked  the paste through the stencil, making sure it was over the diamond shape of the dried Colour Shimmer Sprays.

I love the crisp pattern over the randomness of the background colour.

I then, began to put it all together. 
I matted the black & white photo on some black tissue paper. and gathered all the other embellishments- Flowers, die cuts, flair button, black cotton & my coloured gauze. 

2 clusters of these subtle embellies,  some of which i puffy mounted, was just enough, to compliment and highlight my beautiful girl.

With my title down the right of the photo, I am done.
I love working with these great quality pastes, mists and  other coloured yumminess. I hope it shows in my pages.
Thanks for looking my friends. Have a great day.

Bye for now, 

Fi. x x x

Thursday 27 July 2017

Blooming By Suzy Loudon

Hello Colour Blasters. 
I'm back again sharing a page of my very fast growing daughter. It continues to amaze me how fast our kids grow.

To begin my layout I painted my page with Heavy White Gesso over tissue paper, scrunching it up slightly.
Then once dry I stamped a couple of images.

I then dripped Indigo  Colour Spray onto my page. I also gave some areas a light spray with water to spread it around,tilting my page to make it run.       

I activated my Passion Colour Shimmer Dust in my watercolour palette and again dripped it onto my page. A few more little sprays of water to spread it around.

I layered with the Indigo Colour Spray & Passion Shimmer Dust until I was happy with the effect.

I added some layers of paper to back my photo.

Using my water brush I painted a few areas/drips using my Lovely Lilac  Colour Shimmer Cube.

I activated my Midnight Colour Shimmer Dust. Using my paintbrush I splattered it around.

I embossed my chipboard letters in Dusty Charcoal Colour Embossing Powder.

I added some Lovely Lilac  Colour Paste through a stencil.

A few sequins, glass beads & micro beads.

Adding to my title.

And some lavender

And I was done.

Thanks for looking. See you next time.
xxx Suzy

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Not Where I Started by Danielle Vertigan

Do you ever get everything out ready to create,
Only to find what you had planned and first envisioned is not anywhere near where you end up???
Well that's definitely the case with this layout!

I had out my Colour Shimmer Cubes and Colour Shimmer Dusts ready to go
My direction changed. I was inspired by my Sprays completely did a 180 on what
I was first thinking.
So using my Carribean  Colour Spray
I got a white sheet of cardstock and spritzed a centre section.

I did this liberally to collect a slight pooling effect.
I used this to tilt my page to all 4 sides of my layout.
This spread the drips around.

Once this layer was dry I selected a stencil.
I layed this over the spritzed area and covered the edges using a napkin.
My next colour choice is the
Just Blue  Colour Shimmer Spray
I added this over the cascading leaves and then completed this
by adding a final layer re spritzing using the Carribean Colour Spray 

You can see the intensity of the shimmer left by the Just Blue Colour Shimmer Spray. 
My last layer to add using the Bubblegum  Colour Spray
was applied using the stalk flicking a criss cross pattern over the spritzed area.

Once this was dry I trimmed 1cm from the bottom and 1cm from the side of my cardstock.
Doing this now gives me the grace that if any spray over laps the edge of my stencil I can trim it off.

I trimmed down my photo and placed it into the centre of my sheet of black cardstock and using a blade I cut it out.

I then attached the white sheet to my remaining Black Cardstock.
This was then layered with my matted photo

Using my black gel pen and a ruler I began layering lines on my bordered edge.

I repeated this process around my photo.
I did this overlapping the image edge also.

I added a few squares to the top left and bottom right corners.
I then added a few small journal details.

Using a speckled stencil I added
Steel  Colour Paste
layering it over the edges of my photo also.

To embellish I kept it simple with metal tag,
sequins and some bling.

I love how this has turned out.
The black and white image mixed with the feel of cascading water is perfect.

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