Friday 26 July 2019

Dishing the Dirt by Michelle Henderson

Hi folks!
I was so happy to get my hands on the new watercolour sets this week! 

I just took them for a light test drive this time 😀

To start, I used White Heavy Gesso through a stencil. I dried it off to puff it up a little. 

Then I used a nice soft brush and the watercolours Carrot, Fuchsia, Ultramarine and Grape to apply a thin coat over the areas that would come out from behind my photo and cut file. I did this a couple of times to build up depth of colour. I also spattered a little of each colour.

I put my cut file on then, and decided to splash some of the Light Gold from the Shimmery Gold Watercolour Pan set also. Love the variations in golds in this set!

I added my photo, some stitching and a title and Voila!

Such fun to try, you're going to see me using these heaps (although I'm sure my other faithfuls will still be showing up too!!)

Thursday 25 July 2019

Winter by Suzy Loudon

How's everyone going with the winter chill? Well here's a layout that won't be warming you up.

 Before I even knew what I was going to do with this layout I used my Snow White   Colour Paste in a snowflake silicone mould & left to dry until I was ready to do my layout (it was quite a few weeks but a day would be more than enough)

For my paper I tore the edges of my top sheet before sticking it down onto another. To soften it I stuck bits of different laces & cloths in between.
Then using my Snow White  Colour Paste I spread it through a snowflake stencil.

I cut out some chipboard snowflakes with a metal die that I had, then embossed it with Singin The Blues Colour Embossing Powder.

For my chipboard title I first mixed Navy Shimmer Dust with Heavy White Gesso before painting "Winter". I then painted the rest with the White Gesso.

Once it was completely dry I used my Clear Shimmer Brush Marker all over it.

I tore some background paper to mat my photo & played around as to where I could put all my snowflakes.

After I started to stick things down I decided to do some splattering with some watered down Heavy White Gesso (I covered my photo before I did this)

While waiting for my splatters to dry I coloured my flowers.. I used my spray that I made up from Navy  Colour Shimmer Dust. All the blue flowers on my layout are using this spray (although I did dunk a rose or 2 straight into the bottle rather than spraying). I made a few darker than others.

As I was sticking all my elements down I decided my art stones needed more. So I coloured some with the Navy  Colour Shimmer Dust. Waiting till they were fully dry before gluing down.

Here are a few close ups.

Thanks for looking.
Xxx Suzy

Thursday 11 July 2019

Sail Away by Suzy Loudon

Hi everyone. I'm back today to share another layout using the wonderful Colour Blast Products.

To begin with I spread Heavy White Gesso though a bird stencil.

 I activated Cobalt  Colour  Shimmer Dust with some water on my craft mat. Then using some scrunched up plastic wrap I dabbed the colour onto my card until I was happy.

I then activated Navy  Colour Shimmer Dust and did the same.

I sprayed some Coffee Colour Spray onto my craft mat, then added some water to dilute it a little. Then using my plastic wrap blotted it onto my page.

I mixed some micro brads with glue before spreading them onto a tag (with some washi tape on it). Once slightly dry I Sprayed my Navy Colour Shimmer Dust (I have a spray that I made up) over the tag and left to dry.

For my second tag I used the same technique as the background, but this time I didn't water down the Coffee Colour Spray with water.

I added some ribbon & charms on the first tag. And a wax seal on the second.

My anchor chipboard I first embossed with Stormy Weather  Colour Embossing Powder. Then before it fully heat set I sprinkled Sienna  Embossing Powder, then Envy  Embossing Powder before fully heat setting.

I sprayed some flowers with Bling & Leather Colour Shimmer Spray.

Here's a few close ups after I finished putting my elements together.

Thanks for looking.
xxx Suzy

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Sunrise Selfies by Michelle Henderson

Yay it's Friday again, time to gear up for the weekend!

I used my favourite Colour Artist Inks again, this time in Oasis, Cranberry, Citrus and Cider.

To start with I used Oasis, and thinned it right down then applied it with the packaging technique to the left third of the page, starting near the top and fading out towards the bottom. I also splattered (of course!) and brushed a little, letting some drip down. 

I repeated this with Cranberry in the middle section, and a mix of Citrus with Cider on the right section.

With the same colours, I mixed them into some Light Paste, and stencilled in the central part of each section. Rather than letting them dry naturally, I force dried them so that it would puff up. 

I would normally use Colour Paste for this, but this time I wanted it to be opaque, and Colour Paste is translucent.

To finish I used 3 frames that matched the colours, diecuts, a banner from Charm Creations, flowers and stickers.

Loving the way this came out, make sure to give it a try 💓