Monday 29 February 2016

'You Are Awesome' - by Anita Rodway

Hi there Colour Blast fans!!
I'm back to share another layout with you :)
I started with a blank piece of white cardstock...


I didn't prep this background at all with any gesso,
just straight in with some Colour Blast Colour Paste - Royalty.
I used this cool star stencil to go with the cards I had chosen.

I had arranged my cards & photos prior to doing
my background. Once happy with their arrangement,
I glued them together - but NOT to the background.
This gives me a rough idea where to use my Colour Paste,
where it wont be hidden by my photos.
This is a great tip when creating your own backgrounds.
I hate creating such a beautiful background & then
your photo covers most of it up - hence why I love using
4x4 photos or smaller ;) 

I've then used Colour Blast Shimmer Spray - Royalty,
& 'flicked' some shimmer over the stars to give it a
splattered look. Then once that was all dry, I glued
my photo/card cluster to my layout & added the finishing embellishments.

You can find all the Colour Blast products HERE

See you soon

Sunday 28 February 2016

Brighten Someone's Day with a Floral Card by Kerry Fellowes

Hello!!! Its me, Kerry!

I am back again to share another card design with you and once again I couldn't decide which colour I wanted to use, so I have made three cards :)  There is a process video at the end of this post which will take you step by step through the making of the card!

 One of my favorite things about the pastes is their consistency and how easily they spread through a stencil and how wonderfully well they blend together giving some great effects.  I particularly like the one below using Deep Water and Bling pastes.  The shimmer really brightens and shines as it dries to a really vibrant colour.

This one was created using the colours Steel and Singin' the Blues.

And finally Rose Petal and Bling.  My favorite colour paste seems to change depending on the project I am doing, but I am in love with the Bling and Deep Water this week!

You can find all the Colour Blast products HERE!

And here is the VIDEO.  


Thanks for stopping by today :)

Saturday 27 February 2016

Shhh...... Its a Secret by Danielle Vertigan

I'm back!! Yay!
And I must say I'm so in love with what I have to show you today!!!
I would have to say completing a layout where you just have to go back again and again to look at it is just the best feeling ever. I'm certainly wasting my day away staring at this one.
Its all about texture, layers and a little more texture!!!
So grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and I hope I can share a little something for your next creative project.

 I started with white cardstock (My usual Preference)  Backing board, tissue paper, gel medium, stazon and a selection of stamps.

The selection can be anything. We are 
creating our background. Think of the textures you can use and get inspired by the background in your photos.
Adhere your white sheet to the backing board. Its going to get wet and this will help add strength. I use a wide double sided tape and make sure to do all 4 edges and 6 extra strips through the middle.
Stamp randomly using a stazon Ink across your page.
You can use any colour, I have chosen Black. The stamps can over lap and run in any pattern you choose.

Once that's complete you can cut a section of tissue paper to cover your 12x12 sheet. Liberally apply your gel medium using a paint brush. Make sure to cover the entire page well. I work on half the page at a time as it is fast drying. While wet apply your tissue be firm but gentle you don't want any tears. Wrinkles are good and add to the look we are after. I encourage wrinkles....

Lift the excess tissue paper and repeat this process for the second half of the page. Set aside to dry.

Now you have your completed background and your ready to start thinking about colour!!

I have chosen to work with Envy and Singing the Blues.
Your also going to need a paint brush and some water.
Ive used a palette so I can mix up a little water paint in each of the chosen colours and you will also need some water for your fingers. Please have some wipes on hand its going to get messy....
Set this aside to dry. You can use a heat gun to speed up the process. I leave mine to the side.

Starting in the corner apply your chosen colour and work it around. You will need to have wet fingers for this and keep them wet.

Continually dip them into the water pot and apply excess water using a brush or mini mister to help spread the colour around.

You can also use the water colour you have pre mixed to add a washed effect in some area and apply excess paste to deepen the colour where necessary.
Complete this process across the whole page blending the chosen colours together.

It will be quite wet and need to be set aside to dry well I left mine over night.

Once it was dry I got stuck into it with stencils.
My first layer was the chicken wire and I blended the 2 colours half and half.
Keeping in mind the position of the photo I added a second layer with my mini circle stencil using Stormy Weather.
I then smeared the singing the blues over to take away the harshness.
Once dried I stamped using stazon and then roughly  blended the Envy and Stormy Weather together and used the mix to stencil in my leaves. It added another depth to leaf having the colour 2 dimensional.

Using some excess tissue paper I cut 2 pieces that would layer with my photo.
I sprayed them liberally with shimmer sprays in Envy, Stormy Weather (To add a depth on the edges) and Singing the Blue. I dried this with the heat gun and got a crisp waxed effect.
The first sheet I removed the center so it looked like a frame and attached the frame piece under my photo crinkling the edges to create a ripple.
The centre piece was cut in 2 and added on opposite corners using the same crinkled effect.
I had a chicken wire chipboard I inked in pearl blue and embossed using the Stormy Weather.
I cut this into pieces so that I could frame my tissue adding another layer of texture. this was adhered at the back of my photo and tissue stack.
Then layered on my 2nd sheet of pre misted tissue paper.
Once all layers where attached I adhered them to my page keeping the same crinkled effect.

The Embellishments where kept simple.
The background really is the show in the layout.
The twine added another element with our final frame and was bound in sections with a coloured wire.
This wire was also manipulated to create part of the title.

The last element was the embossing around the entire layout edge. I used a rich dark green ink and then the envy embossing powder. It is a rough edge and adds another dimension to the layout making it pop.
I did go without flowers which is unusual for me but I found my sparkle with a little addition of the sequins.

And with all of that
Its Done!!
The effect is gorgeous!!
The depth of colour and richness on the page is what i love the most.
The photo really is apart of the art and the background is your embellishment.
I hope there is a little something there to inspire you for your next creation.

Friday 26 February 2016

Canvas Inspiration with Trudi Harrison

Hi Colour Blast Fans!

Trudi back with you today sharing some more Colour Blast fun. This time I have a steam punk inspired canvas to share.  I really like adding colour and texture to canvas and chipboard elements with Colour Paste and Colour Shimmer Sprays.   

 To create the background, strips of patterned paper were fixed over the canvas.  White paint was added over the top with some masked detail added with a Prima Stencil and Snow White Colour Paste.
 Colour fun was intoduced with Colour Shimmer Sprays - Deep water Leather with a splash of Sunshine.
I also start by arranging a few of my elements of the design before affixing in place. 
As you can see, a few chipboard elements have been arranged with the face stamp image.

Chipboard elements were primed with a coat of white - I find this helps with colour absorption and the colour is more true.  

Colour shimmer was added over the top with Leather and Deep Water. The depth of colour was achieved by adding a few layers. Each colour layer was allowed to dry before adding the next.  

Chipboard chains and words were painted with Leather Colour Paste and accented with metallic gold paint.

A touch of texture and subtle accenting was added with Leather and Deep Water Colour Pastes - these were dabbed over some of the chipboard elements.
Deep Water Shimmer Spray was 'flicked' over clock metal elements by removing the nozel from the spray bottle.
Metal flowers were first painted white Deep Water accents - first with the colour spray and then colour paste was added the centres with a paint brush .
Shimmer Sprays are great for altering flowers - here I have used Leather to alter some of the blue flowers.  

Thanks so much for dropping by the Colour Blast blog today.
Till next time,
Happy Creating!

Thursday 25 February 2016

Off The Beaten Path by Suzy Loudon

Hi...I'm back. Today I would like to share a masculine page I made using the
 fabulous Colour Blast products.
Firstly I began by preparing my page with white Gesso. Once dry I used a stencil to add some Colour Blast Paste using 'Leather' &  'Just Blue'
Once dry I used the Colour Blast Colour Shimmer Sprays in 'Leather' & 'Just Blue' to cover all of the white surface before adding layered up photo & matting, then embellishing.
I also sprayed all my flowers with the Colour Shimmer Spray.
I used Colour Blast Embossing Powder in 'Singin The Blues' in my background using a check stamp. I used the 'Leather' embossing on my chipboard. I added finishing touches by using both 'Singin The Blues' & 'Leather' embossing on my metal embellishments. (Just be careful when embossing metal as it gets really really hot when heating with a heat gun).

Once again...thanks for looking & I hope
 you feel inspired to create.
xxx Suzy

Wednesday 24 February 2016

"Balance", an Art Journal Page, by Michelle Logan.

A big Hello to everyone! 
Its Michelle here, back at you for my second post for this month. 
This time I am playing with the absolutely gorgeous Colour Pastes, they are wonderfully creamy when wet and glide on like a dream. Once dry the rich colour comes to the fore creating a raised glorious texture.
I thought I would show you my Journal page where I put the pastes through their paces for the first time.

I spread the paste over a fairly large stencil with lots of open spaces as I wanted to see how they went merging 2 colours together. I must say it worked a treat! 
I love the gradual blending of the gold (Bling) and the blue (Singing The Blues) through the stencil and believe me it was super easy to do.

Here is a closer little look. As you can see there is some typewriter print on the stems, which brings me to my next test, will they hold onto ink once dry???
Well a big tick there, I used Stazon ink and a background stamp to get some print on the raised surface once the pastes were completely dry. The print says right where it was put with no smudging...brilliant! I can think of so many other things to do now.

Take a look stamped on wonderfully random!
I created some shadow using a pencil and water to make the stems look more dimensional.

Lastly take a look at that shimmer....glorious isn't it? 
How can you not have at least one colour of these pastes in your craft stash???
Here are the colours I used:

If you are wondering what colour to get first, I say go for the Bling, it goes with everything and it will add some pizzazz to any project! 
But this recommendation comes with a warning ..... once you start creating with the pastes it is decidedly addictive, you WILL want more!!! Just Sayin'!
Thanks for joining me today, stay tuned for more fab inspiration from all the other talented ladies on this team!
Bye For Now! 


Tuesday 23 February 2016

My Brother by Krisy Podolak

Hi, today it's my turn to share what I have been up to lately and this one is hot off the press - literally I don't even think the glue is dry.

In my collection of Colour Blast goodies, I have a lot of the darker - more masculine colours - you know the ones -  Leather, Steel and Dusty Charcoal so I wanted to make the most of them and create a masculine layout.  One of my brothers is very into dressing up - Cosplay and Steampunk are his favourites so I managed to get this black and white photo of him from a Steampunk festival he went to a few years ago.  It was perfect for these colours.

I've used the Colour Paste in Steel and Dusty Charcoal to build a background of layers over a base of tea bags.  I am not a tea and coffee drinker so I asked my mum and nana to save their "bags" for me.  I think that they must have thought I was crazy but it does add another texture to the background. I also used the embossing powder on the background - I just applied the ink randomly with a dauber and then sprinkled on the powder.  The background is busy and messy but perfect for the Steampunk look.  I've also added some texture with some texture stamps - using the stamps freely without mounting them on an acrylic block allows you to stamp over the chunkier background more evenly.  Be sure to use a more permanently ink that drys quickly to avoid smudging - my favourite is Stayzon.

I used some WOW chipboard that I coloured with the Leather embossing powder, I only did one coat as I wanted the finish to be uneven. But the gold "Bling" cogs, I embossed twice to get a nice smooth shiny finish.  Here are a few close ups...

I also used the Leather Shimmer Spray to colour this Charms Creations DIY tab.  You just lay your chipboard over it and spray away.  The chipboard acts like a mask and matches the layout perfectly.

I have also put together a video so you can watch me build this layout with all the different layers on the background.  Head over to POPLEOPOD on YouTube and check it out.


Monday 22 February 2016

Butterfly Card By Nirvana!

Today, I present my "Butterfly Card"!!!

On this card I embossed the chipboard with 'Leather' 
embossing powder from Colour Blast!!
For the stencil I used Colour Paste in 'Fire Engine'.
And for the background (even if it didn't show up well because there is bad weather at home and the pictures are not very nice), I used Colour Shimmer Spray in 'Fire Engine' and 'Deep Water'.
You will find these products on the Colour Blast website or at your local stockist.

Please share this post with all your crafty friends!

Bye Bye!!!!