Friday 29 November 2019

Relaxing by Suzy Loudon

Hi everyone. I was very excited when I got my hands on some of the Love & Grace Paper range. I just LOVE it. So first opportunity I grabbed one of my favourites & this is what I came up with.

To begin with I tore the edges of "Lucinda" & stuck it down on some black card.

Using the 'Imagine' Stencil I first spread Just Blue Colour Paste then lightly spread Singin' The Blues Colour Paste over the top.

Then using one of the earlier Colour Blast Stamp sets I did some random stamping.

Using Duke Shimmer Dust I activated a small amount with water. Using plastic I stamped it on my page.

Using Navy Shimmer Dust I lightly sprayed some cheese cloth with a spray I have made up. I gently dried it with my heat gun.

I embossed my chipboard with Jet Black Embossing Powder.

To colour my white flowers I used Marine Artist Ink. I varied from dipping the flower into the pot to mixing with various amounts of water to give various shades.

Using Snow White Colour Paste I used a mould to make flourishes.

Assembling my page I added art stones, butterflies & a flair. Keeping it pretty simple. Here's some close-ups.

Thanks for looking.
xxx Suzy

Monday 25 November 2019

Sweet Little Sucker by Michelle Henderson

Hi all you crafty people!

My latest layout started out as a grid pattern, but I just couldn't bear to cover too much of the background 😁

Here's a wee taste...just look at that sparkle!

I used Colour Artist Inks to tint some Heavy White Gesso, starting with Oasis. I brayered a section with this, applying it quite heavily as I wanted to create some texture with it.

I added some Colour Shimmer Dust in Peacock, and mixed it a little, but not fully so there would be some striations. 

For the pink parts of the grid, I used Slipper Colour Artist Ink and Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dust. 

After that, I used plain Heavy White Gesso through a stencil for added texture.

As a final touch for the background, I splattered a little of the clear Colour Shimmer Marker

I put everything together using some Cocoa Vanilla that was on my desk. I so love this photo of my great niece!

Thanks for visiting!

Friday 15 November 2019

Spread Your Wings and Fly. by Suzy Loudon

Hi everyone. Today I'm sharing a layout using  the gorgeous Spread Your Wings Collection.

To begin with I matted my photo using sections from Keep Calm, Spread Kindness & Earth Angels papers. I added cardboard between sheets to add height.

I painted some chipboard with Heavy White Gesso.

I made up my own paint colours. To begin with I added 3 drops of Mermaid Artist Ink & 1 drop of Calypso Artist Ink to some Heavy White Gesso. Once mixed well I painted some flowers & parts of my chipboard.

I then add 4 more drops of Mermaid Artist Ink for a deeper colour. And again painted some flowers & more of the chipboard.

I then added a few drops of Grass Artist Ink for a more greener colour. Again I painted the chipboard & some flowers.


I then used the paint that was just in my lid & added more Mermaid. And painted. 

And then some more Mermaid!!

Using the Seeker metal die I cut out some black card.

Using both the darker paint on the lid & lighter in container I splattered around the page.

I then Splattered some watered down Heavy White Gesso.

I was really impatient so dried with a heat gun. It was really cool when some of the thick splotches raised right up.

I fussy cut the green butterflies from the collection, and along with the gesso painted butterflies I went over them with the Clear Shimmer Pen

I used the Clear Shimmer pen to highlight the flowers also.

I didn't add much more.

Thanks for looking.
xxx Suzy

Monday 11 November 2019

Be True 2 You by Michelle Henderson

Hello all!
I have a quick project for you here today.

Here's a little preview..😉 

I started out with a couple of my favourite Colour Artist Inks  - Spice and Cranberry. I thinned them down a lot as I wanted a watercolour look.
I combined them to get the colour I wanted, then smooshed them on to my cardstock.

The next step was to mix a little Colour Artist Ink in Mermaid in with some moulding paste and apply it through a stencil.

Before it dried I dropped a little Bling Colour Embossing Powder on to the paste, then heated it to activate it at the same time as drying the paste.

After that I used some papers from my stash to put the whole page together...

See? Told you it was a quick one today! 
Sometimes we need to just not overthink things...

Anyway, hope you like it!

Friday 1 November 2019

Isle Of Pines by Suzy Loudon

Happy Friday ( those that won't be working the weekend like me).
For today's layout I went back to some of the original products.

I started with a pale blue cardstock that faded to white at the edges.
Using white tissue paper I pasted it down with a clear gesso scrunching it as I went. I continued to paint the whole page with the clear gesso to seal it (as at this stage I still wasn't too sure on what I was going to do).

I decided to dab Sapphire Colour Spray using a paint brush then added more with Carribean Colour Spray. Spraying a little water to meld it all together. Then finishing off with splatters of each.

I sprayed Steel Shimmer Spray all over to give the page some sparkle.

With a dry feather brush I went gently over the blue with Heavy White Gesso to give it a bit of a wave effect.

I painted all my chipboard with Heavy White Gesso.

Using a green paint I had I painted the top of my chipboard then using the Heavy White Gesso I painted up from the bottom overlapping.

Once dry I embossed the top with Envy Embossing Powder and the bottom with Snow White Embossing Powder.

I got out my stash of Colour Pastes. Starting with Leather, Envy & Singin' The Blues I put a little of each on my craft mat & added a little water before painting it on my chipboards.

I kept going on all my chipboard bits using Bling, Sienna, Lovely Lilac, Lemon Zing, Tangareen Dream & Rose Petal Colour Pastes.. I also used Bling for some highlights.

Using Bubblegum & Roadbase Colour Sprays I painted my snorkelling gear.

Using Deep Water Shimmer Spray I spray some cheese cloth & dried it off. Then added some splatters around the page.

For my little letters I painted them one at a time with Heavy White Gesso and before it could dry I dipped each one in Deep Water Embossing Powder then heat activating.

Once I stuck all my elements down I painted the edges of my page with White Gesso before watering a little gesso down with water & adding some splatters.

I also added some real shells, some small coloured rocks, sequins and glitter for final touches.
Here's a few closeups.

Thanks for looking.
xxx Suzy