Tuesday 31 January 2017

Rainbow Unicorn by Tracey Campbell

Hello and welcome back to the Colour Blast Blog where there are a bunch of great ladies who love to share their creations with you and to give you a lot of inspiration and ideas on how to use the most wonderful, bright, bold and striking products made here in Australia..... Colour Blast.
I have a layout to share with you that is perfect for our Australian Summers spent in a pool or down on a beach.

Before I get into the "how to" of this post I just want to apologise for the lighting in some of the photos. It was a wet day outside and the lighting was horrid, so some of the photos look a bit washed out.
First up I cut off 1 inch from the top and left hand side of a 12x12 cardstock base and sprayed a boarder of Envy Colour Shimmer Spray around the outside edge of the base.

 Here you can see the Envy boarder (sorry about the colour in the photo), as you can see I left the boarder a bit uneven as I wanted to create a fun look that represented water/waves.

 I mixed up a small amount of the Navy Colour Shimmer Dust with some water. I mixed mine up in a resealable jar as I tend to forget just how far a little Shimmer Dust goes.... it is such great value for money.

Using the mixed up Navy Colour Shimmer Dust I painted a rough thin strip around the very outer edge of the card stock. 

 Here you can see that it is not a smooth finish to the boarder - it is rough and patchy.

I then sprayed more Envy Colour Shimmer Spray over the cardstock, sicking to mainly the right hand side. I also took the stick out of the bottle and flicked some splotches around. While it was still wet I used the mixed up Navy Colour Shimmer Dust and painted a few random splurges.

Here you can see that the main parts of the colour are on the right hand side of the cardstock. I also tapped the brush with the Navy Colour Shimmer Dust on it to create small splatters.

Once the Shimmer Dust and the Shimmer Spray was dry I stuck the cardstock onto a 12x12 piece of paper - so that it created a coloured paper boarder around the Colour Blast boarder. Next I spread some Heavy White Gesso through a stencil over the top of the Colour Blast Products. When spreading through a stencil I find that I get the best look to the Gesso when I use an old credit card/store card. I made sure that the stencil was hanging over the patterned paper as well as the cardstock as this helps to tie the two elements together.

Here you can see the final look of my base for my layout. I love how the Shimmer Spray and the Shimmer Dust reflect light. It is a bit hard to capture in a photo but in real life this background has lots of shimmer and reminds me of the sun reflecting off the surface of water.

To finish of my layout I added some patterned paper, washi tape, journaling strips, die cuts, stickers, alphas and a flair button. Oh and the photos too!!

One of the best things about using Colour Blast products is that you can customise your layouts/creations to create something that is going to suit your style, reflect who you are and to compliment your photos.
Hugs until next time.

Monday 30 January 2017

Good Vibes by Amy Prior

Hi there Colour Blast fans! Amy Prior back with you all again today sharing a fun mixed media layout step-by-step using lots of gorgeous Colour Blast products.

Step 1: Spread some Dusty Charcoal  Colour Paste over the top of a starburst stencil scraping towards the edges without actually completely covering the stencil. Use washi tape to keep the stencil in place while you work.

Step 2: When the Colour Paste is dry, place the stencil over the background again and cover with embossing paste or some other embossing liquid. 

Step 3: Sprinkle various Colour Embossing Powders over the top of the stencilled image. I have used Sunshine, Lipstick, Rose Petal, Royalty, Just Blue, Deep Water, Envy and Apple of my Eye

Step 4: Tip off any excess powder and use a heat tool to melt the embossing powder completely. 

Step 5: Use a baby wipe to wipe off any excess powder that was left when the powder was tipped off.

Step 6: Spray a watercolour paper die cut with Bubblegum and Saffron Colour sprays. 

Step 7: Layer various patterned papers around your photograph and mount it onto the background.

Step 8: Finish off the layout with your favourite embellishments and you're done!

The Colour Embossing Powders over the black background are such an awesome pop of colour but a little bit more subtle than using Colour Pastes over black.

Well that is it from me today, thanks so much for stopping by and until next time, happy scrapping!

Amy Prior xx

Sunday 29 January 2017

Hello Tiffany with Melinda Sweetman

Hiya Color Blast fans, Melinda here with you today sharing my latest page!

There is also a process video available, just click play in the box below!

The two photo's I have chosen to scrap today are of myself with two of my BIG bosses (the National Customer Experience Director and the National Customer Experience Manager) and my gifts and certificate I was awarded. I actually won a piece of Tiffany & Co jewellery so knew that I wanted the layout to have "that Tiffany blue" colour!

First up I applied a light coat of clear gesso knowing that during my process I was going to use alot of water. After that was dry I went in with my Steel and Snow White Colour Paste's and a stencil to apply some dimension and colour to my background.

I applied the two colours randomly over my background and left to air dry.

Next up time to add some COLOUR! I specifically picked out the Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust for this page a couple of months ago so I was super excited to finally see this coming together.

I used a tiny paintbrush (I have seen some of the other DT members do this and this is my first time playing!) and sprinkled tiny amounts of the dust around the dried Colour Paste.

And then for the MAGIC of the Colour Shimmer Dusts! You can't even see where I have sprinkled the dust but watch as it comes to life when I add water! You can see this even better in the video ;)

Oh la la!! I so love this! And while playing I learned a couple of things about these beautiful Colour Shimmer Dusts that I thought I would share! I do love this colour and love how this layout turned out in the end but if I'm honest, this background almost got ditched! When I added the water and tipped the page about to get the colour to spread there was some excess splatters which made colour go everywhere. I did want it more specifically only where the colour paste was but managed to clean up some parts (baby wipe where there was gesso) and then chopped down my 12x12 sheet to approx 10x10 and mounted my page, so crisis averted! 

You only need a tiny amount of the dust, these colours are so fun and vibrant and go so far!

After my "cleaning" and chopping down of my background I wasn't happy with how some of the edges of the colour were looking so I re-wet some dried dust and water (from my palette) and went in with a brush to give it less of a line and more of a water coloured effect.

And then with the left over colour I used the same brush to apply some sprinkles of the Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust.

And the final touch in finishing off my background was some splatters using the Roadbase Colour Spray and the Steel Colour Shimmer Spray.

I added in all my title, my embellishments, my journalling tag (which sits nicely behind the large photo), mounted the page onto some patterned paper which perfectly matched the Peacock and then did some black stitching around the border.

I really am super happy how this page looks but like I said, it was one of those "I'm going to test your creativity/patience" this whole process kind of layouts. It is a story I am so happy to get told and now have in our album.

And here are a couple of close up shots

Thanks, as always for stopping by and happy scrapping until next time!!


Saturday 28 January 2017

So Many Reasons to Smile by Danielle Vertigan

I was flicking through my photo's and since I'm the kind 
of creator that works with the image which inspires me on any given day, you can imagine there is no order to my madness. Just complete organised chaos as I go where I'm inspired.

It's that process which saw me stumble across this precious moment.

I knew with a black and white image I wanted to keep it clean, textured and feature a black background.
It is a 5x7 photo which I've clearly framed smaller.

I started by removing 1cm from the bottom and side of the black cardstock.
Next step was to cut out my frame.
Layer with the white and remove my left frame.
I don't measure and just go by feel but you might prefer to measure when completing this style of layout.

I started with the Snow White Colour Shimmer Spray.
But before starting replaced my square back to prevent any run off under the card.

I spritzed the top left and bottom right corners.
Then decided to add a touch of colour with Singin' the Blues Colour Shimmer Spray in the remaining corners set aside to dry.

You can get a really good look at the shimmer here.
I chose the same colours in Colour Paste
Plus a selection of stencils

Using the circles I applied the Snow White Colour Paste above and
below my photo.
Once dried I re-inserted the black square over my photo.
I layed the vine stencil horizontally to emulate water and applied the Singin' the Blues Colour Paste.
(The black square allowed me to lap the edge of my frame)

While this was drying Using a White Gel Pen I added some details.
Freehand border, small bubble circles and Lines around my vines/waves.
Some journaling across the bottom and right hand side of my layout.
I'm not good at paragraphing but find this a great way of adding more detail.

For the third stencil I decided to draw the depth of the photo out
by adding the
Steel Colour Paste through the Script Stencil.

Some Prills, Sequins and Flowers finished this off Beautifully.
I love the texture and shimmer.

You can also see the script stencil also slightly overlapped the photo.

I love the result, it has a timeless feel about it.
The shimmer really sets off the black and white image.
As always the Colour Paste does not disappoint.

Thanks for stopping by,

Until Next time,

Friday 27 January 2017

MR Kitty Layout and Process Video with Anita Bownds

Hi there,
Anita here with you today sharing my layout and process video my last project for Colour Blast 
I've had a blast playing with the products 

So, today I'm sharing some fun with misting with stencils

I've combined 2 stencils the first one is text and the other stars.
I sprayed the first stencils with Rainforest Colour Spray and let dry
Then I sprayed the star stencil with  Bling Colour Shimmer Spray
To match my Colours of my patterned paper 

Here is my. Process video of how I created my layout 

I used Colour Embossing Powder in  Bling to emboss a butterfly stamp 

I also used the  Envy Colour Embossing Powder to emboss a flower stamp to go under my flowers 

Under both flowers I added the embossed flowers 

I hope I've inspired you to today 
A big thanks to Tenisha for having me on the team 

Happy crafting xx