Tuesday 24 January 2017

Wild at Heart | Altered Canvas by Krisy Podolak

Hi Lovelies, It's Krisy here today and I am sharing an altered canvas that I have created.

For this project, I decided to give photo transfer a go.  The only thing is I don't have a printer at home so I asked my husband to print a photo at work with a laser printer.  He wasn't sure if he had one and I am still not sure the print was printed on a laser printer as the actual transfer process didn't work as easy as the tutorials I watched on YouTube.

To do the photo transfer you just coat your canvas in gel medium and while it is still wet you put the photo face down on to the medium.  Then you leave it to dry naturally.  Once it is dry you wet the paper and gently rub it away.  This leaves the ink print on the canvas.  My print rubbed off quite a bit but that just added to the texture.

Once the canvas had dried again, I layered lots of embellishments and chipboard around the photo.  Then I used a sample of the Colour Blast Heavy Gesso to apply three coats over all the embellishments and chipboard to create a clean base to add some colour to.  I also used bottle caps, lace, beads and flowers to add more interest to my canvas.

I used the Colour Spray in Bubblegum, Violet and Road Base to build up layers of colour.  There were quite a few layers that went into.  It is best to slowly build up layers rather than doing in heavy.  You can always add more, it is harder to take it away.  Once I was happy with my colour, I added some more colour and texture using Colour Paste in Royalty, Rose Petal and Bling.  I applied these with a paint brush and my finger to give even more texture to the finish. The Colour Paste can also be added directly to metal embellishments without any need to prime them.  Here you can see I added it to this metal butterfly.

I then added black and white ink splatters and a bit of Royalty Colour Shimmer Spray in splatters to tone down the white. ( I went a little cray cray) Finally I added some more metal embellishments and a quote cut into strips.  The other thing I did was add a chipboard title.  This one is from Imaginarium Designs.  I coated it in two layers of Bling Colour Embossing Powder to make sure it was super shiny and really stood out.

I have wanted to make one of these for ages.  They look more complicated than they actually are.  So give it a go.  I also created a process video you can check out here.

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