Thursday 19 January 2017

Family is Forever, by Amanda Hartmann

Hello Colour Blasters!

How is your January travelling? I'm coming at you today with my second page share for January... and this one is all about our Colour Mica Powders!

Here is my final page.... but before the close ups, let me show you the steps I took to create this page with the Colour Mica Powders.

This page was created with these awesome Colour Mica Powders!

These Colour Mica Powders are so versatile: Mix with a range of products to get the perfect colour combination that you need, all with the shimmer and shine that Colour Blast is known for!

Colour Mica Powders stick to Versamark Stamp pads often used for embossing (thanks to Tenisha for this great tip!), so I collected my Mica Powders and a stamp, ink and brush ready to start my page.

I stamped an image using the Versamark, then using a brush, I dusted some Colour Mica Powder, in Watermelon, over the stamped image.

(I probably added too much to be honest, as a little goes a long way!)

After stamping and brushing a few images, I used a second clean and dry soft brush to dust the excess Mica Powder. The shimmer and shine of the Colour Mica Powder can be seen in the stamped image, and some of the soft colour has transferred to the background; I love this effect!

Next I wanted to colour some metal charms using the Colour Mica Powders. I mixed some Colour Mica Powders in Peach Nectar and Lemon Zing, with a very small amount of water to make a thick paste. Honestly, a wet brush would be enough water; too much water and it won't stick to the metal!!!!

The thick paste created can be painted onto the metal charms. This one is in Lemon Zing.

And these charms painted in Peach Nectar.

Another great use of our Colour Mica Powders, is to mix them with mediums. Mixing with Gesso will make a great paint, but mixing them with Gel medium as I have for this page, creates a thick paste, again in the perfect colour needed. I used the left over Peach Nectar and Lemon Zing from above, and added some Gel Medium, scraping and mixing it all together. So easy on these Colour Blast Messy mats!

Mixed together, ready for my page!

I applied this Colour Mica Powder paste through a stencil easily.

Lastly, for my background, I mixed a little more water with some Colour Mica Powder in Lemon Zing. I wanted to paint and splatter with this, so I added slightly more water.

I painted some of the Lemon Zing to the background, including the petals of the stamp rose images. Adding the water-based Colour Mica Powder paint to these stamped images did not affect the stamped images. I also did some splatters.

Once the page had dried, I finished the page off with a few key embellishments.

This cluster of flowers, leaves and charms is perfect for the corner of the photo! 

I love the effect of the Colour Mica Powder painted on the metal charms!

The shimmer and shine of the Colour Mica Powders, on the stamped images, on the painted charms and in the stencilled paste is really hard to photograph! This page looks way more glittery in real life! LOL!

Thanks for much for looking today!


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