Saturday 28 January 2017

So Many Reasons to Smile by Danielle Vertigan

I was flicking through my photo's and since I'm the kind 
of creator that works with the image which inspires me on any given day, you can imagine there is no order to my madness. Just complete organised chaos as I go where I'm inspired.

It's that process which saw me stumble across this precious moment.

I knew with a black and white image I wanted to keep it clean, textured and feature a black background.
It is a 5x7 photo which I've clearly framed smaller.

I started by removing 1cm from the bottom and side of the black cardstock.
Next step was to cut out my frame.
Layer with the white and remove my left frame.
I don't measure and just go by feel but you might prefer to measure when completing this style of layout.

I started with the Snow White Colour Shimmer Spray.
But before starting replaced my square back to prevent any run off under the card.

I spritzed the top left and bottom right corners.
Then decided to add a touch of colour with Singin' the Blues Colour Shimmer Spray in the remaining corners set aside to dry.

You can get a really good look at the shimmer here.
I chose the same colours in Colour Paste
Plus a selection of stencils

Using the circles I applied the Snow White Colour Paste above and
below my photo.
Once dried I re-inserted the black square over my photo.
I layed the vine stencil horizontally to emulate water and applied the Singin' the Blues Colour Paste.
(The black square allowed me to lap the edge of my frame)

While this was drying Using a White Gel Pen I added some details.
Freehand border, small bubble circles and Lines around my vines/waves.
Some journaling across the bottom and right hand side of my layout.
I'm not good at paragraphing but find this a great way of adding more detail.

For the third stencil I decided to draw the depth of the photo out
by adding the
Steel Colour Paste through the Script Stencil.

Some Prills, Sequins and Flowers finished this off Beautifully.
I love the texture and shimmer.

You can also see the script stencil also slightly overlapped the photo.

I love the result, it has a timeless feel about it.
The shimmer really sets off the black and white image.
As always the Colour Paste does not disappoint.

Thanks for stopping by,

Until Next time,


  1. Danielle it looks s such a lovely memory beautifully framed by the textures paste and spray. It is such a beautiful blue.