Friday 30 June 2017

"Explore" by Rachel Dutko

Hi Colour Blasters!!

Rachel with you, and today I am sharing my layout "Explore".

To prime my page I added White Heavy Gesso, then I could create the background with Lush Colour Shimmer Dust and plenty of water.

Once that layer was dry I added some Just Blue Colour Paste through a stencil. I then scraped the excess colour paste from my palette knife all around the edges of my white cardstock.

Then it was on to altering my embellishments.
I coloured some paper flowers with some water activated Cobalt Colour Shimmer Dust, 
and also sprayed some die-cut leaves with Coffee Colour Spray.

To colour my chipboard title piece I applied a layer of White Heavy Gesso, then painted Coffee Colour Spray with a brush directly from the bottle.

Then it was time to put my page together

I've added some flair from Kit The Habit, as well as some Corbett Creations 
wood veneer that I've kept raw to add to the 'outdoors' feel.

Some close ups-

Thanks for looking

Rachel x x

Thursday 29 June 2017

Fun Times by Suzy Loudon

If you want a quick fun page to do then this is for you. 
I kept it very simple as I really felt that less was more.

I had a striped patterned piece of paper I wanted to back my white card onto. But I didn't like the long stripes. So I cut strips of the stripe and lined each side of the white cardstock (after trimming slightly).
I then activated my Colour Shimmer Dusts (I have a paint pallet that I use, then once I'm finished I set it aside for the water to evaporate leaving the Dust ready to be re-activated again later). Using Candy, Lush, Peacock, Cobalt, Passion, Sunflower & Amber I used my water brush to paint my splotches using a stencil. The Dust bled under the stencil but it gave the splotches different looks.

While my splotches dried I embossed my title with Colour Embossing in Dusty Charcoal. I gave it two coatings to make it nice and thick, then after I melted the second layer I quickly turned it over pressing it into a stamp giving it texture.

I double embossed my chipboard stars using Colour Steel Embossing.

I popped my title & stars on & I was done.
Here's a few close ups.

Thanks for looking.
xxx Suzy

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Survivor by Danielle Vertigan

Good Morning Colour Blast Family
I've been on a bit of a road trip enjoying this vast country.
There are certainly some amazing landscapes to see in the Northern Territory.

Today I'm sharing with you the reason we were there.
The Finke Desert Race.

To get this layout started it was all about the colour.
Colour Shimmer Spray

I started with the Colour Shimmer Spray in Sunshine and poured it directly onto the layout.
Tilting the layout I spread it across the page and then used the stalk to drag my pools of colour
This was to create the drips.

I then repeated the same process using the Tangerine Dream.

You can see from the image below how the drips can be as much or as little as you like.

I continued this same process adding layers of colour and blending them together in areas.

To increase the intensity of colour I add the
Colour Spray in Sunset
I used the stalk as my applicator.

Some small drips also fell and where a nice addition
I left the extra colour to pool and not spread.

I set this to the side and allowed to dry naturally.
Every so often I went back to it tilting the page and spreading a little more colour.
Once it was dry I selected 2 stencil patterns to work with using the

I worked with Tangerine Dream first, once dry I layered my second stencil using Sunshine. Making sure to lap it with the
previous stencil.

Using Stazon Ink I stamped a pebble pattern around the photo area of my layout.

I embellished keeping it simple using the wire.
I formed a circle by wrapping it around a vase and then stapling it directly to my page.

The title has worked well here with the scrabble tiles.

My last step was to mark a track with the Start location, Fuel Stops and 1/2 way stopping point featured.

I think having something masculine can sometimes be tricky but pulling from the elements
can be a fabulous way to draw inspiration for your layout
Thanks for stopping by
till next time

Tuesday 27 June 2017

Altered Ballet Shoe by Krisy Podolak

Hi Colour Blast Lovelies,

Today I am sharing a little off the page project with you an Altered Pointe Ballet Shoe.  I am not a dancer but I love ballet.  A few years ago I had an idea to alter a ballet shoe.  I got a bit excited and bought four or five pairs.  So, I am slowly making my way through altering them.

Here is my Shoe....

And this is my process:

I started with a blank shoe and covered it in a layer of Apple of My Eye Colour Paste. I applied it using a paint brush.  Colour Paste is really sticky and you don't need to prepare your surface in anyway before adding the colour.  It just sticks beautifully.

I left it to dry naturally so that it wouldn't bubble or blister like Colour Paste tends to do when you hit it with a heat gun. This is what it looked like when it dried.

When it was completely dry, I added some stamping using a permanent ink.  This is important as I am adding more wet mediums and I don't want the ink to react.

Once I was happy with my stamping, I coloured the flower using some Colour Paste in Sunshine and Bling.  I applied the colour roughly using a thin paint brush.  I left it rough for a bit of texture and visual interest.

This is what the flowers looked like when they were dry.

To the inside of the shoe I added layers of tissue paper applied using Decoupage glue.  Once the base (inside and out) was dry, I went to town gluing on flowers.

I added a photo and some stamping on the inside and my shoe is finished.  I will be gifting this to the ballerina in the photo.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed this project.

Krisy xx

Monday 26 June 2017

Love Having Fun by Tracey Campbell

Hello everyone, it is my turn again on the Blog and today I think that my layout and post are titled so right! Love Having Fun.... and that is exactly what I had when I was using the Colour Blast Products to create this page.
Using the Heavy White Gesso I painted nine smallish circles on my cardstock. You can see that I did draw the circles where I wanted them to go before doing the Gesso.
 When the Heavy White Gesso circles were dry I coloured each nine with a different colour Shimmer Spray or Colour Spray by dipping my finger into the bottle and finger painting directly over the top of the Heavy White Gesso. The Colour Shimmer Spray colours I used were Sunshine and Envy. The Colour Sprays used were Love, Violet, Saffron and Sapphire.
 Now although there is a huge extensive range of colours and hues of both the Colour Shimmer Spray and the Colour Spray I wanted a few other tones so I created some water colours with the Colour Shimmer Dusts. I just added a small amount of the Colour Shimmer Dust to a few sprays of water and mixed. In this photo you can see me using the Navy Colour Shimmer Dust.
 Once again I applied using my finger.
 Here is the nine coloured circles as they dry.
Once the coloured circles were dry I wanted to add some texture to the page so I used a few different templates/stencils/masks and spread the Colour Paste through them.
Here is the list that I created to match the Colour Paste to the Colour Shimmer Spray, Colour Spray or the Colour Shimmer Dust;
Sunshine Colour Shimmer Spray to Bling Colour Paste,
Navy Colour Shimmer Dust to Just Blue Colour Paste,
Love Colour Spray to Fire Engine Colour Paste,
Envy Colour Shimmer Spray to Envy Colour Paste,
Violet Colour Spray to Lovely Lilac Colour Paste,
Saffron Colour Spray to Sunshine Colour Paste,
Not all the circles got a Colour Paste treatment, the final three were created by;
lighter blue - The circle was Sapphire Colour Spray and then a stray of Caribbean Colour spray through a mask was applied.

 orange - I didn't have an orange Colour Paste so I create a orange paste by mixing some Heavy White Gesso, with a touch of Sunshine and Candy Colour Shimmer Dust together and then just smeared a streak of it over the coloured circle which was a mix of Saffron and Love Colour Spray.
green - I painted the coloured circle with the water colour made up form the Lush Colour Shimmer Dust and then splattered Lagoon Colour Spray over the top of it.
 Once the colour circles were dried I thought that the page need a bit of a messy touch so I splatted some Road Base Colour Spray over it all.
 I then went to my die cut and embellishments and pulled out a variety that matched the colours on the cardstock. You can see in the photo I pulled out way more than I actually used, this was to give me a large range to choose from.
 Then using some of the embellishments and the die cuts I made small clusters over the coloured circles in the co-ordinating colour.
 Once again I felt that it need a bit more of a mess touch so I unscrewed the bottle of Road Base Colour Spray and used the straw to draw a mess line border around the outer edge of the cardstock.
 And here is my finished page. Now you can see why I had so much fun doing this layout. When picking the embellishments I kept in mind that my layout was about my daughter when she was 8 months old painting, so I picked things that I thought related - cutie animals, pictures, an 8 for 8 months old, hearts, bows for a girlie touch.
I really love the ease that this page came together and how well matched in colours, hues and tones that the Colour Blast products are. Thanks for stopping by and please stop in again tomorrow to see what another wonderful Design Team Member has for inspiration for you.
Hugs Tracey