Thursday 22 June 2017

"Tickled Pink" by Amanda H

Hi everyone,

Here is my second page share for June... And I am "tickled pink" with how it turned out! So pink and pretty! Perfect for my sweet new niece! Here is a sneak peek....

But first, let's see how I put this page together.

Firstly I stamped using a flower stamp, directly onto a Kraft cardstock base. I wanted to emboss using Snow White Colour Embossing Powder. I wasn't completely sure what exact colour I would get, but in the end I think it looks awesome.

I used clear Versamark ink and sprinkled the Snow White Colour Embossing Powder over each stamped image on the page. I used a fan brush to dust off the excess.

I won't lie, I had white and silvery glitter flying everywhere!
Heat set the stamped flowers - they turned a shimmery silver. So pretty!

Next, I mixed some Snow White Colour Paste with a very small sprinkle of Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dust to create a pink paste - a paste filled with mica and shimmer!
I used this through an heart stencil on the page.

I wanted some customised embellishments so I mixed my own pink paint, using the White Heavy Gesso and a small sprinkle of the Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dust.
Using this paint, I painted a canvas arrow and tab (handmade by Charms Creations). I also used some of this paint for a light smear around the edge of the page.
Next, I grabbed my Punch Colour Shimmer Cube, added a few squirts of water and added more pink to the background! I added some splatters while I was going and also painted lightly around the edge of the page, adding a another layer to the pale pink paint.
I also decided to create an ombre effect onto the arrow and tab, by painting with some Punch Colour Shimmer Cube. By adding more water I was able to get a washed through effect with the pink on these embellishments.
I added a little stamping, with a butterfly in light grey ink.
I used Dusty Charcoal Colour Shimmer Spray to colour some white diecut leaves.
The leaves take up the colour well. While I was there I added some splatters of Dusty Charcoal Colour Shimmer Spray to the background.

Then it was time to pull all the elements together! Here is the final page!
You can see the interesting colour and texture created by the Snow White Colour Embossing Powder on the page!

I love the paste effect created my mixing the Snow White Colour Paste and Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dust!

And I love the painted pink arrow and tab embellishmetns amongst the flowers and stickers and bits and pieces!
Oh that colour and sparkle!

That's it! Thanks for looking today! See you in July!


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