Tuesday 10 January 2017

Little Cutie | Krisy Podolak

Hi Lovelies,

Today I am sharing a page I created using some Cocoa Vanilla Studio papers.  I wanted to show that you can create an awesome mixed media page using papers you have in your stash.  A fantastic page doesn't always have to start with a blank piece of cardstock.

So, what I did was I chose a patterned piece of paper that complimented the photos I was working with.  The photos are of my son and the colours of his little quad bike dominate so I used these as a starting point.  To the background, I added a wash of Colour Blast Colour Spray in Violet and also created a paint from some Steel Colour Paste by just adding some water.  Once these were dry, I added some stamping over the top.  I love a bit of spatter and Road Base Colour Spray is my go to colour you can see it here in this close up.

I also used the Colour Spray in Violet to colour my chipboard with a hint of Road Base.  You can paint your chipboard in gesso to create a nice base with "tooth" but I'm a bit lazy for that and just add the colour straight to my chipboard.  You can see a peek of the chipboard in this photo.

Another thing the Colour Sprays are awesome for is colouring embellishments especially the DIY embellishments.  The suck up the colour beautifully and stay quite bright even after they are dry.

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