Tuesday 9 July 2019

Sunrise Selfies by Michelle Henderson

Yay it's Friday again, time to gear up for the weekend!

I used my favourite Colour Artist Inks again, this time in Oasis, Cranberry, Citrus and Cider.

To start with I used Oasis, and thinned it right down then applied it with the packaging technique to the left third of the page, starting near the top and fading out towards the bottom. I also splattered (of course!) and brushed a little, letting some drip down. 

I repeated this with Cranberry in the middle section, and a mix of Citrus with Cider on the right section.

With the same colours, I mixed them into some Light Paste, and stencilled in the central part of each section. Rather than letting them dry naturally, I force dried them so that it would puff up. 

I would normally use Colour Paste for this, but this time I wanted it to be opaque, and Colour Paste is translucent.

To finish I used 3 frames that matched the colours, diecuts, a banner from Charm Creations, flowers and stickers.

Loving the way this came out, make sure to give it a try 💓

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