Friday 26 July 2019

Dishing the Dirt by Michelle Henderson

Hi folks!
I was so happy to get my hands on the new watercolour sets this week! 

I just took them for a light test drive this time 😀

To start, I used White Heavy Gesso through a stencil. I dried it off to puff it up a little. 

Then I used a nice soft brush and the watercolours Carrot, Fuchsia, Ultramarine and Grape to apply a thin coat over the areas that would come out from behind my photo and cut file. I did this a couple of times to build up depth of colour. I also spattered a little of each colour.

I put my cut file on then, and decided to splash some of the Light Gold from the Shimmery Gold Watercolour Pan set also. Love the variations in golds in this set!

I added my photo, some stitching and a title and Voila!

Such fun to try, you're going to see me using these heaps (although I'm sure my other faithfuls will still be showing up too!!)

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