Wednesday 26 July 2017

Not Where I Started by Danielle Vertigan

Do you ever get everything out ready to create,
Only to find what you had planned and first envisioned is not anywhere near where you end up???
Well that's definitely the case with this layout!

I had out my Colour Shimmer Cubes and Colour Shimmer Dusts ready to go
My direction changed. I was inspired by my Sprays completely did a 180 on what
I was first thinking.
So using my Carribean  Colour Spray
I got a white sheet of cardstock and spritzed a centre section.

I did this liberally to collect a slight pooling effect.
I used this to tilt my page to all 4 sides of my layout.
This spread the drips around.

Once this layer was dry I selected a stencil.
I layed this over the spritzed area and covered the edges using a napkin.
My next colour choice is the
Just Blue  Colour Shimmer Spray
I added this over the cascading leaves and then completed this
by adding a final layer re spritzing using the Carribean Colour Spray 

You can see the intensity of the shimmer left by the Just Blue Colour Shimmer Spray. 
My last layer to add using the Bubblegum  Colour Spray
was applied using the stalk flicking a criss cross pattern over the spritzed area.

Once this was dry I trimmed 1cm from the bottom and 1cm from the side of my cardstock.
Doing this now gives me the grace that if any spray over laps the edge of my stencil I can trim it off.

I trimmed down my photo and placed it into the centre of my sheet of black cardstock and using a blade I cut it out.

I then attached the white sheet to my remaining Black Cardstock.
This was then layered with my matted photo

Using my black gel pen and a ruler I began layering lines on my bordered edge.

I repeated this process around my photo.
I did this overlapping the image edge also.

I added a few squares to the top left and bottom right corners.
I then added a few small journal details.

Using a speckled stencil I added
Steel  Colour Paste
layering it over the edges of my photo also.

To embellish I kept it simple with metal tag,
sequins and some bling.

I love how this has turned out.
The black and white image mixed with the feel of cascading water is perfect.

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