Sunday 7 January 2018

Puppy Love by Tracey Campbell

Hello lovely ladies and wonderful gentlemen. It is my turn on the blog today and I want to share a layout that I did using some of the Colour Shimer Cubes, Colour Paste and Colour Artist Inks. Time to do some huffing and puffing!
First up I selected a rainbow of colours from the Colour Shimmer Cubes and arranged them in a heart shape - this was to give me a guide shape for where I wanted to use the colour. Did you know that the Colour Shimmer Cubes are meant to be left with their lids off so that they set back hard after each use - if you put the lid back on there is a chance that they will remain wet and develop mould on them from dry brushes or fingers.
 Using some water I activated the Colour Shimmer Cube and made a little pool of colour on the cardstock. Here you can see me using Deep Water Colour Shimmer Cube.
 Then placing my face very close to the pool of colour I gave a big puff of air and directed the pool of colour to spread out like fingers from a hand.
 I kept repeating the process using the rainbow of Colour Shimmer Cubes.
 I tried to guide the pools of colour out towards the edges of the cardstock and in a rough heart shape.
 Once it was dry I adhered a hand cut patterned paper heart on to it over the white centre.
 Next I used 3 of the Colour Shimmer Cubes; Sunshine, Lipstick and Deep Water and painted a cardstock diecut word - I love doing this effect for titles as you get a colour that matches your layout.
 I felt that the layout need a bit of texture so I grabbed a heart stencil and my all time favourite; Bling Colour Paste and spread it through. I must admit that spreading the Colour Paste always reminds me of buttering a piece of toast - the texture is so smooth and spreads so well.
 Once the Colour Paste was dry I added the photo and some die cuts, to finish off the page I secured the title and then used a fountain pen that I loaded with Soot Artist Ink to outline the title. The Colour Artist Inks are not yet on the website but if you e-mail Tenisha she would be happy to give you all the details on how to get you hands on some.
 Here is the finished layout - a burst of shimmering colour. This layout was a lot of fun to do and reminded me of those days in kindergarten oh so long ago when I used to spend hours at the art table doing straw paintings.
 Thanks for stopping in and I hope that you have enjoyed my layout today and that it provided you a bit of inspiration to get Colour Blasting. For the full range of the Colour Blast products get on over to the website and have a look around.

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