Sunday 21 January 2018

Day 7 Product Introduction - Colour Mica Powder

Welcome to Day 7 of our product introduction!  

Today we are introducing to you our Mica Powders.  These powders are of cosmetic grade.

Colour Range
There are 8 colours available in the Colour Mica Powder Range.

Mica Powders have many uses.  These will be outlined in the techniques sections.  The main difference between the Colour Mica Powders and the Colour Shimmer Dust is Colour Mica Powders are non water-soluble, whereas the Colour Shimmer Dust are water-soluble  The Colour Mica Powders are acid free, non toxic, non-flammable.

Store your Colour Mica Powders in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.  

1. Use a wet ink to stamp an image on your surface.  Use a paint brush with a small amount of Colour Mica Powder on it to dust over your image. Dust off excess Colour Mica Powder. 

2. Use a small amount of water (extremely small amount, just enough to clump the powder together) and add Colour Mica Powder to it.  Then use a paint brush to paint onto metals.  You don't need to seal it, it will attached to the metal and dry.

3. Mix a small amount of Colour Mica Powder into mediums such as gel medium, gesso, texture paste, beaded gel and use through a stencil.

4. Add a small amount of water and Colour Mica Powder to your messy matt and with a paint brush splatter the liquid onto your surface.

5.  Use a medium such as gesso to create an image on your surface.  Once this image is dry, rub a small amount of Colour Mica Powder over the image.

What you can do with our Colour Mica Powders is endless.  We have a design team that create projects using our products. For further techniques and ideas, please follow our blog.

The Colour Mica Powders are available for purchase from your local stockist or via our online website.

We are looking forward to sharing our 8th product with you tomorrow - Shimmer Brush Makers.

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