Sunday 21 January 2018

Doddle Blob Art by Tracey Campbell

Greetings and salutations lovely people.
I have had a few changes happen with work and subsequently at home... I am in the Navy and am usually land based, well I have just been posted onto a ship and have had to leave the kids with my husband (who is usually the one at sea) and move to Sydney and on to the ship. The reason I am telling you this is that my way I deal with stress is doodling, it takes my mind off things and helps me feel relaxed...

so this post is about how I use Colour Blast Shimmer Cubes to create creature doodles out of blobs of colour. 

Activate the Colour Shimmer Cube, here I have used Deep Water, create a random shape using a paint brush. Push the colour around, I usually keep in mind that I want two eyes, a mouth and some times a nose and leave a few spaces of white where these will go.

I usually do a few blobs of Shimmer Colour at the same time, to create a few creatures when I feel the need. This is also a good way to use up any extra paint, spray or other media that you have used on other projects.

When the Deep Water Colour Shimmer Cube colour was dry I add a second colour, in the photo above I have used Sunshine.

Here you can see I have used a few other colours for the second colour; they are Royalty and Leather. Even at this stage you can see that the blobs have taken on a similar shape of an animal.  

When completely dry I use a black fountain pen loaded with Soot Colour Blast Artist Ink, you can use a normal black pen, and doodle on the blob to make them come to life. Below are a few close ups of some of the doodle blobs that I created.

Here you can see a rabbit.

A grinning cheeky hyena.

A Joey Kangaroo.

Here you can see the six creatures I created. They are not realistic, but that wasn't my intention. My intention is for this activity to bring about some mindfulness and relax. Art is a great way to release stress and with Colour Blast you can not go wrong.

Thanks for you time. I look forward to sharing my next creation with you in a few weeks.

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