Friday 19 January 2018

Day 5 Product Introduction - Colour Spray

Welcome to Day 5 of our product introduction!  

Today we are introducing you to our Colour Sprays.  Our Colour Sprays are a water based dye spray. 

Colour Range
There are 14 colours available in the Colour Spray range.

Shake well before use.  Apply directly onto porous surfaces for coverage.  Re-apply for desired finish.  Water based, acid free, non-toxic and non-flammable.  

Store your Colour Sprays in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.  

1. Spray the Colour Spray onto your surface such as cardstock or paper.  For a different look, use the same technique, but apply gesso to your surface first.

2.Remove the spray nozzle from the bottle and use the stem on the end of the nozzle to splatter Colour Spray on the surface of your project.

3.Use a eye dropper to drop puddles of Colour Spray on the surface of your project and then use a straw to blow the puddles of liquid.

4. Use a eye dropper to add the Colour Spray liquid to mediums such as gesso and gel medium, this will add colour to your mediums.

5. Create a stamp design from dense foam.  Spray the stamp and stamp in onto paper or cardstock.

What you can do with our Colour Sprays is endless.  We have a design team that create projects using our products. For further techniques and ideas, please follow our blog.

The Colour Sprays are available for purchase from your local stockist or via our online website.

We are looking forward to sharing our 6th product with you tomorrow - Colour Shimmer Dust.

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