Friday 5 January 2018

Art Journalling with Kasia

Hello Lovelies.. so happy to be here with you all again in 2018! Lets kick start this year with a little art journalling. I don't know about you but I look at so many amazing journal pages with the most beautiful drawings of faces.. well, I'm not terrible at it but sometimes I just want to play and not think, so when I saw these stamps from Jane Davenport I ordered them straight away.

These take the stress of drawing all those features and just let you play with flowing hair and all the other elements of the page. By all means, if you are ok with drawing, go forth and draw... lol!

I stamped one of my little faces in my X-Press It Mixed Media Journal which has lovely watercolour paper pages, as I knew I will be using a lot of water without using Gesso. 

I wet down my page with a wide brush and clean water and grabbed.. wait for it.. my Colour Artist Inks and dropped ink around where the hair would be. I didn't know at this stage how I wanted the hair, so I let the ink work that out for me.

I decided to go with upward flowing hair and painted thin lines with the Soot Colour Artist Ink and then went over them with a little water so the colour would spread a little. I let the page dry really well and went in with my Sharpie and solidified the lines a little. 

I then messily danced my brush and the Colour Artist Inks on the bottom of my page to create some grounding for my girl. While I had the Soot Ink out, I added a good amount of splatters in the background, making sure I covered the face while I did this. 

I love doodling so while watching telly I got my journal and added a whole bunch of dots to the hair. 

I then got out my white gel pen an added some white details. 

I continued doodling and added waves so I had some place holders for my text 'great things never came from comfort zones'.

I'm still so in love with these inks and how beautifully vibrant the colours are.

Till next time.. have fun!

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