Sunday 26 November 2017

Mermaid Adventure by Tracey Campbell

Hello Colour Blasters I am back with another Magical page for you, instead of Unicorns this time I trying out the Colour Blast products on Mermaids. This was one of those layouts that I had no idea what I wanted to do....except use Colour Blast to make it look like a water theme, all because I had these photos of my daughters learning how to swim like Mermaids.
To start my layout I used Just Blue Colour Paste and spread it across the centre of my cardstock to represent the ocean. I must admit one of my favourite things to do with Colour Paste is to spread it, it is so soft and smooth and reminds me of spreading butter on a piece of warm fresh bread.
 As there was lots of splash of Mermaid fun on the day the photos were taken I wanted to represent them so I splattered Mermaid Colour Artist Ink in the top left and bottom right hand of the cardstock. I wasn't too sure how the Artist Ink would dry on the Colour Paste so I was very careful to leave it long enough to dry completely. The Artist Ink does dry and set on the Colour Paste, but please note that it dries a darker hue. When doing the splatters I used a large fat paint brush to create bigger drops and then blew on them slightly to cause some of them to run a little. * Please note that the Artist Inks are our newest products and Tenisha has been so busy showcasing them at Trade Shows and Craft Fairs that the website has not been updated to reflect - however if really need to get your hot little hands on these fabulous items then please e-mail Tenisha directly. Contact details can be found here.

Using Bling, Deep Water, Punch and Royalty Shimmer Cubes Watercolours I painted through a Mermaid Stencil. I wasn't too sure if this was going to work as I have previously used normal watercolours to paint though a stencil before and it had been a disaster as the watercolours were too runny and distorted the image. However with the Colour Shimmer Cubes I only activated them with a small amount of water and kept loading up the paintbrush to get a good intensity of colour on the brush and they worked like a dream.

Once the Colour Shimmer Cube Mermaid was dry I decided I needed more splashes of water so I used Deep Water Colour Paste and spread some through a water splash stencil. Please note that the Colour Shimmer Cubes are designed to dry out after use so leave those lids off to dry - if you put the lid on when wet you may get some mould growing, from contact off your brush or fingers.

 You can't tell from this photo buy I have added my photos to the background, one in the top right and one in the bottom left hand corners and for the finishing touch I added a large chipboard title. The stark whiteness of the title looked a bit out of place so I decided to give it a bit mess water look too, I used a plastic tool to spread some of the Deep Water Colour Paste over it.

So this is how it turned out - very much a water themed layout inspired by Mermaids and the beautiful colour palette of the Colour Blast Products.
Thanks for stopping by I hope that I have inspired you to start creating.

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