Friday 10 November 2017

Watercolour Geodes with Kasia Leach

Hello Lovelies.. last week I was super excited to play with the all new Colour Artist Inks. I literally could not put down my paintbrush and stop. These babies are so incredibly vibrant and delicious I cannot even put into words how much I love them.

One of the projects I created were these Geode paintings and I wanted to share the process with you.

Firstly loosely draw a rough oval shape with a pencil on a piece of watercolour paper, mine were about 5 x 7 inches in size. 

Load a round brush (a size 6 works well) with clean water and paint along the pencil line to wet your paper. Pick up a tiny bit of the Colour Artist Ink on the tip of your brush and drop the colour into the wet area, right on the outer edge, so that it works its way naturally into the centre. 

I used all four blues: Mermaid, Oasis, Calypso & Marine, as well as Walnut and a tiny bit of Soot & Berry Colour Artist Ink. Allow this layer to dry completely before moving onto the next geode ring. 

I'm not all that very patient so decided to start on another geode while waiting for this guy to dry. The step by step images for this one are below. 

Continue creating new rings moving in towards the centre one by one. Start with a ring of clean water and drop in the colour just like you did for the first ring. I decided to add a natural ring to the outside (while waiting for the centre to dry.. so you could work both inwards and outwards at the same time if you like. The colours used for the outside ring were: Walnut & Soot Colour Artist Inks.

I then moved into some greens: Grass & Lime with a touch of Mermaid Colour Artist Ink.

Lastly I created the crack in the centre of the geode by painting a skinny oval in the very centre with clean water and dropped the colour into the centre rather than to the outside of the oval. This made the colour move outwards rather inwards. You can help it along with your brush a little if need be.

And here is the finished geode.. love how it turned out and I love how insanely vibrant the colours are. 

The second geode was created with exactly the same steps as above, but this time focussing more on the purples & pinks. I used the Berry, Cranberry, Slipper and Marine Colour Artist Inks for the first two outer rings. 

In the next couple of rings I dropped back on the Berry & Marine and focussed on the Cranberry, Bordeaux, Sunburnt & Spice Colour Artist Ink.

And finally the centre of the geode was a combination of Marine & Berry Colour Artist Ink.

Hope I have inspired you to have a play with the new Colour Artist Inks. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough.. and what more.. these geodes were painted using only 1 drop of each colour. Oh yea! 

p.s. don't forget to have fun!

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