Thursday 16 November 2017

Gorgeous by Suzy Loudon

 A big Hello to everyone. Today I'm sharing another layout I did of my daughter. I love this natural photo of her...always happy & bubbly & growing up fast.

I thought I'd play along with the November All About Flowers Challenge. There's still plenty of time to get your project in for a chance to win $30.00 worth of Colour Blast products.
Here's the link to the Colour Blast Creative Corner....

To begin my layout I grabbed a grey toned piece of paper. I decided I wanted the edges to be darker so I gave it a spray with Road Base Colour Spray.

I then smeared some Heavy White Gesso randomly across my page with my spatula.

Using Steel  Colour Paste I added some stenciling.

I mixed some Lemon Zing Colour Mica Powder with some Mod Podge/Gel Medium. I kept adding until I was happy with the intensity of the colour.

Using a paintbrush I painted my flowers.

I activated my Midnight Colour  Shimmer Dust with water.

Then using my paintbrush dabbing the colour onto my flowers.

I left my flowers to dry naturally. At this stage I left my page & came back to it a week or so later. When I did I found that one of my flowers that had a weird coating on it had dried very light (top right corner insert).
So I gave it a spray with some Road Base Colour Spray. 

I mixed some Lemon Zing Mica Powder with some of my homemade texture paste. Again I kept adding the Mica until I was happy with the colour.

I spread my Lemon Zing texture Paste and some Dusty Charcoal Colour Paste into my silicone mould and left to dry.

I left them to dry for a day before taking them out.
And I had my feathers for the November Challenge.

I got my watered down Heavy Black Gesso & splattered it around the page.

I then splattered with my watered down Heavy White Gesso.

I painted my chipboard title with Heavy White Gesso.

I didn't think it stood out enough so I embossed it with Snow White Embossing Powder.

Putting all my elements together & my page was done.

Just a little close up.

Thanks for taking the time to allow me to share with you.
See you next time.

xxx Suzy


  1. Grey, black and yellow always look fabulous. Lovely layout. I'm interested in your silicon mould you used for the feathers. Is this something bought or created?

  2. Thanks. I used a silicone mound...can buy on eBay.