Saturday 25 November 2017

"Adore", by Amanda H

Hello Colour Blasters!
I am fresh back from the Craft Alive show with Tenisha and Melissa, and I had to play with my goodies... firstly the new Colour Artist Inks and then the Shimmer Pen.

Here is a sneak peek of my page, before I show you the steps I took to create it.

Firstly, I added a thin layer of White Heavy Gesso to the white cardstock background.

Then, more White Heavy Gesso through a stencil for some texture to the background.

I collected two colours in the new Colour Artist Inks: Marine and Mermaid. I wanted intense colour, and loads of it. So I used a pipette to drop big blobs of colour on the page.

Then, I heated and moved the colour with my heat gun.

Because I did not use any water, I was able to get very intense colour, and it made really interesting patterns as it dried layer by layer on the page.

In some of the wet bits of ink, I used a straw to blow some sprays of colour out from the centre.

Once dried, the colours look really awesome!

Next, I used a wet paint brush to paint some panels and edges of the colour.

This square is where I planned to put the photo.

Using the Colour Artist Ink, in Soot, I coloured a white paper leaf and some muslin.

To colour the flowers, firstly, I dipped a whole flower in the Mermaid ink. This gave the flower a very intense colour.

For the second flower, I lightly painted the flower, using Colour Artist Ink, in Berry.

I also used the Berry ink to colour a white die cut word. I also lightly painted some of the Berry colour around the edges of the original colour. I loved the way the colour mixed and merged.
You may notice some splatters. As I created the page, I add a few splatters of each colour to the background from a paintbrush as I went.
I got a new Shimmer Pen during the Craft Alive show... It is a pen for painting on shine and shimmer. I gave it a squeeze and added some shimmer to the word, and the flowers.

I was nearly finished, but I decided I needed a bit more colour. Again using the straw blowing technique, I added some blobs of Berry ink around the edges of the photo and page, before blowing the sprays of colour, out from the centre.

Here is my final page:

Intense colours, with a touch of shine from the Shimmer Pen!
I love the patterns and variations in the Colour Artist Inks as they dried on the page.
And here you can see the sprays I create by blowing with a straw.
Check for where your local stockist is, so you can get your hands on these amazing new Colour Artist Inks!
Thanks for looking today.

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