Tuesday 7 November 2017

"Craft Day" Scrapbook Layout + process video by Louise Turner

Hi Crafters

I'd like to share a new scrapbook layout with you today.

"Craft Day"

My mojo was a little distant when I started this page.
I find a good way to kick start it is to create a 9x12 layout.

I'm not sure why, but the different dimensions really challenge my creative thinking.

To start I've gathered some white 9x12 cardstock, brushes, water spray, Colour Shimmer Dusts, paint palette and photo.

I haven't prepared my paper in any way.
Using the Colour Shimmer Dust Cobalt mixed with liberal amounts of water, I've painted strips onto the page - keep them wet and with lots of water.

Repeat the process with the Colour Shimmer Dust Sunflower - Lots of water and no need to dry.
Don't be afraid to allow the colours to blend.

Using my hand, fill it with water and make a fist.
Allow the droplets to fall out and land in different spots on the page.

When the desired effect is reached, tilt the page and allow the colours to mix and run.
If you prefer a clean look you don't have to add the extra water.

I let the colours dry naturally overnight.
When I came back to finish the page, I decided to turn it into a 12x12 and mounted it on some black cardstock.
Adding some stamping to blend the coloured background with the black cardstock.

I've chosen mostly green for the papers around my photo cluster to help blend with the background.
Finally, I've added a small cluster to the bottom right and my title.

Photo explanation: Quite often our neighbours/friends visit and we spend time painting, cutting, gluing and making a big mess.

Here is a close up of that lovely blended shimmer.

 Some simple paper layers in various patterns and similar colours to highlight the photo in the busy background. 

Here is the process video if you'd like to see more of these pages.

I love the simplicity of this page and think that if you didn't want to blend the colours, the stripes would still be an awesome background effect.

Thanks for visiting.
Happy Scrapping

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