Sunday 12 November 2017

Magical by Tracey Campbell

Have you seen Colour Blasts newest products yet? The Colour Artist Inks and the Shimmer Brush Pen!! They truly are magical. The Artist Inks are bright, bold, intense colours that can be diluted down with a bit of water to create hues and lighter tones that blend so beautiful together. While the Shimmer Brush Pen adds the perfect amount of shimmer to any creation.  
Warning - these products are hot off the press and are only available through Wholesale right now, so you will have to ask your local scrapbooking store to get some in for you and order them through the Colour Blast Store.
As soon as I got my hot little hands on them I knew I wanted to create with them.... I just needed inspiration and I found it in my daughters 10th Birthday Party..... A Unicorn!!
 A Magical page for a Magical time.
 I started by drawing a unicorn head in led pencil.
 Using a soft bridle brush I then applied water to the area of the head where I wanted colour.
 Whilst the paper was wet with the water still I painted the Colour Artist Ink on. As I only wanted a soft colour for the head of the unicorn I blotted some of the ink off the paper with a paper towel. HINT - The more water you add to the paper while you are painting with the Artist Inks the more diluted and soft the tone you will get. The Colour Artist Ink I used for the horn was Barley and for the face I used Slipper.

I continued to paint the rest of the Unicorn with the Artist Inks until it was how I wanted. I have added a close up of some of the head as I got very immersed in creating and forgot to take some step by step photos as I did it. Sorry. As you can see I worked more Artist Ink and water around for the mane, the ear and the rest of the head. I used Berry, Mermaid and Maine.
 Once the Artist Inks were completely dried I filled a fountain pen with the Soot ink and drew the outline around the Unicorn. I really love how flexible these inks are, perfect for painting, splattering and even writing with. I have played with the ink in the fountain pen for journaling.... but I will leave that for another post!

I then used a paint brush and water and went over the Soot drawn lines to make them bleed. The Artist Inks are water based so if you work with them whilst they are still damp you can create many different effects - blending, bleeding, fading, just to name a few.

 To finish off the background for my layout I wanted to create a whimsical look, so I wet the page with water and painted blobs of Artist Ink in Slipper, which I then tilted the page and let it run down in streaks.
 I repeated this process with Mermaid Artist Ink.
 When the Artist Inks were dry I sprinkled some  Duke Shimmer Dust around them.

Which I then sprayed with water and let it run down the page too. I did this as I wanted to add some shimmer to the page. HINT - The Artist Inks are very bold in colour but do not have any shimmer in them but you can add some with some of the other Colour Blast products like the Shimmer Dust, Shimmer Spray or even the Shimmer Cubes.
 Using the Artist Inks in Slipper and Berry I painted a large white chipboard title. I used the Berry on the top half and the Slipper on the bottom, once I got the two colours on there I went back and added a bit more Slipper over the top of the Berry. The Artist Inks blended easily together to create a ombre effect.

 Being a whimsical page I need more sparkle or shimmer so I grabbed the Colour Blast Shimmer Paint Brush Pen and simply painted it directly onto the title.

The Shimmer Paint Brush is one of out newest products and if you love shimmer without any mess then this "baby" is for you!! It is divine - so much shimmer in a fully concealed pen.  
To finish off I simply added a few layers of patterned paper under the photo and glued the title across the page.
I must warn you that both the Artist Inks and the Shimmer Brush Pen are totally addictive and you will find yourself reaching for them every time you create.
Thanks for stopping by and I invite you to pop back in tomorrow and see which of the Colour Blast Design Team Member will be here to inspire you.

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