Friday 3 November 2017

We R Cray! - Fiona Hughes

Hi everyone, it's Fi here. Just want to share with you all, my page for today.
Again, featuring my son, Ethan & I, in January  this year.
Coming home from dinner out for my other son's birthday dinner.
We were all being a little bit silly and I wanted  "Nice" selfies with all the kids but Ethan and I both chucked "Cray cray" faces.

I started with the usual heavy Marshmallow cardstock & the beautiful bright orange and yellow tones in the  Colour Shimmer Dusts- Sunflower, Amber & Candy
I mixed a tiny amount of these gorgeous dusts  with water in my palette. Then taking the water spray I put a little on the centre of the page. I grabbed a watercolour brush and  applied small amounts over the wet area... allowing the colour to flow and move freely. Once the  colour was as I liked it, I dried it with the heat tool.

There was a good amount of these intense colour washes left in my palette. How could i let these go to waste?, so I decided to flick it around the page for a different effect. I let this dry naturally.
Taking a circle stencil and some Bling ColourPaste, I worked the soft and silky goodness through the stencil over the main coloured area.

Leaving this to dry naturally so as not to cause any bubbling.

I then assembled the page... mounting my picture on yellow tissue paper layers first and raising it a little. Then some yellow star embellishments. a tab and enamel dots, diecut leaves, cotton, a crocheted flower and a piece of wood veneer.

I really like the contrast between the muted and diluted colours in the main patch of colour, compared to the vibrant, crisp colours on the splatters.

I chose some older wood veneer letters for my title. However, some of the letters had patterns on one side. I grabbed my White Heavy Gesso and a little foam dabber thingy and applied the gesso over the letters in a couple of coats. (allowing them to dry between coats)

I still had a little of the Candy Colour Shimmer Dust mixed in my palette, so decided to colour over the dried Gesso. This also took a couple of coats.

Once these lil gems were dry, all that remained was to stick 'em on.

I hope you all liked my page. 

Have a great day Colourblasters, until next time.

Cheers, Fi x.

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