Sunday 19 November 2017

"Craft Alive Logan" by Melissa Struhs

Morning Everyone! As I write this a week before you all get to see this on the blog.... It is now the day after Craft Alive in Logan, Brisbane. I am currently bleary eyed, tired and sore and in the post funk show blues. After all of the organisation of packing and planning, the adrenaline and general hype of the show, it can sometimes a flat day afterwards. Instead of my usual project, I thought it might be nice to do a wrap up of all the hard work the team puts into the event.

Three fun filled days in the Colour Blast stand always begins with the initial set up and Tenisha and I are ever thankful that we have that down to a fine art and can achieve all of that in under 4 hours. Think partitions, tablecloths, tiered shelving and demo table all in black and then this massive array of our colourful products. It certainly is eye catching and as you wander the aisles it really does have massive impact. 

One element of our show experience for the customers is the chance to sit and watch the on hand demo's. It gives everyone a chance to ask all of the burning questions they have, as well as new techniques and get to know how some our Design Team Members (past and present) like to play with the Colour Blast products. We are so blessed to have had Tina Connolly, Sue Plumb and Amanda Hartmann as our Demo guru's this past weekend. These girls rocked it and had some fabulous ideas and inspiration to share on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

No doubt, the highlight of the show was the buzz around the Colour Artist Inks.

Visitors to our stand saw the girls experimenting with them, creating stunning hand coloured stamped images, art journal pages and fabulous one of a kind tags. The colour combinations were surprising and unexpected at times, and I am certain what started out as my favourites changed several times over the 3 days. 

By far my favourite part of the show was getting to chat with everyone about the products and all of that they can be used for. Whether it was people we knew well or customers who had never seen our mixed media products before, I hope that they left us happy, inspired and excited to experiment straight away.

And finally, Tenisha, Tina, Sue and Amanda you are just so incredibly giving and a complete riot. We always learn something new about each other and I am eternally grateful to work with you all. xox

Have a colourful weekend,
Til next time

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