Monday 27 November 2017

Sienna 4 Ways with Selena Stevens

Today I am going to do an art journal page using my favourite colour at the moment, Sienna.  I challenged myself to only use this one colour plus black and white.

To watch the time lapse video click here.  Or watch below

To begin, glue tissue paper to the art journal page using matte medium.  Ensure that there are no air bubbles but creases and texture are good to have.  Images of flowers were stamped repeatedly onto the art journal page with a permanent black ink.

I gathered all of the Sienna coloured products that I have.  This included Colour Shimmer Spray (Sienna), Colour Paste (Sienna) Colour Shimmer Cube (Sienna) and Colour Embossing Powder (Sienna).

Colour Shimmer Spray in Sienna was sprayed over the entire art journal page and was blended with White Heavy Gesso to create a light coloured background.

Stems were created with Colour Shimmer Spray (Sienna) by pooling the liquid at the base of the flower with an eye dropper then holding up the art journal for an organic shape to be created from the liquid moving.

Using a palette knife, Colour Paste (Sienna) was applied around the flower edges to create the petals.  Lines were also carved into the Colour Paste while it was still wet to create some more texture and interest.

The inside of the flower was painted with Black Heavy Gesso to create contrast in the flower.

Colour Shimmer Cube (Sienna) was painted over the Black Heavy Gesso once it dried.  The Colour Shimmer Cube really comes to life over black to show off its shimmery goodness.

Embossing ink was daubed in the middle of the flower which was then covered with Colour Embossing Powder (Sienna).  Once the excess was removed it was heated with a heat gun and activated.

Black Heavy Gesso and White Heavy Gesso so was used to create some details and definition in the flowers.

Using the Black and White Heavy Gesso, Colour Shimmer Cube and Colour Shimmer Spray colours were flicked across the art journal page landing on the background and the flowers.

This is the finished piece.

And a close up photo of the the detail.

I hope you enjoyed this.  I would love to see you work using your favourite colour in a range of products.

Until next time


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