Wednesday 31 May 2017

Kraft and Bronze by Danielle Vertigan

This week I was inspired by Earth tones and Nature.
Gold, Bronze and Chocolate.....
I was looking for really rich tones sitting on Kraft with a pop of white.
It was one of those layouts that feels rich in texture aswell and has come together
just as I had hoped.

So to get this page going your going to need
Heavy White Gesso (I love, love, love this stuff)
Tissue paper and Gel Medium.
Using the Gesso paint a diamond working in the centre and painting outwards.
This will give you the feathered look around the edges.
Repeat this process in the bottom right corner.

Once dry Paint the gel medium liberally adding the tissue paper to it.
You are going to get tacky fingers as you work in the creases.
You want these as they add a fluffy texture.

In the images below you will see the texture created by lapping the tissue.

The coverage of Heavy white Gesso is A-mazing....

My next selection is Colour Sprays...
I've chosen to work with
Mocha  Colour Spray and Leather  Colour Shimmer Spray

I Spritzed the page first Using the Mocha Colour Spray and dabbed the access using
paper towel.

I repeated the process again using the Leather Shimmer Spray.
Theses colours where then used again on a few chipboard pieces.
I didn't prep these pieces and used the sprays on my chipboard raw.

I spritzed 2 layers. One of mocha and one of Leather,
allowing it to dry in between and then for the third layer I used Bling Colour Shimmer Spray

The Shimmer is gorgeous and colour Rich....
Using the Colour Paste in Bling I coated the frame roughly using my finger.

My Border Pieces where prepped with Heavy White Gesso and left to dry.

I spritzed these using Leather Colour Shimmer Spray.

One the dried frame I Spritzed with the Mocha Colour Spray.

I repeated the process again with Leather Shimmer Spray.
Using and Stencil and the Leather   Colour Paste I added the zigzag pattern before
On My frame pieces I roughly added some speckles of the Bling Colour Paste,
I did this through a small patterned floral stencil.

I repeated the paste and the stencil over my prepared diamond and started layering my
prepared chipboard pieces with muslin, Hessian and a touch of gold.

You can really see the texture from these close ups.

Using a white Gel Pen I added a boarder and few details like
names, location and some general squiggling...
I couldn't help myself.

There is just something really Raw and Earthy that I just love about the finished result.

All these goodies and more can be purchased from
They are very addictive to play with and the results speak for themselves.

Till next time happy Scrapping

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