Thursday 18 May 2017

Family is Forever by Suzy Loudon

Hello again. Good to see you back.
I found an old photo I printed out many years ago waiting to be scrapped so thought it was time. Family is everything to me and I just love this photo of our three. So here is what I came up with.

To begin with I applied Colour Paste in Dusty Charcoal & Fire Engine through a few stencils. (I added a little extra around the edges after I put all the elements on my page)

While waiting for my Paste to dry I embossed a piece of chipboard with Steel Colour Embossing Powder.

I then sprayed some white flowers Love and Roadbase Colour Sprays.

I pulled out some chipboard clogs. I gave them a good wet coating with my embossing dauber. I then used my Colour Embossing powders in Dusty Charcoal & Steel to sprinkle in sections giving it a two tone finish. (Sorry I forgot to get get a photo of all my finished cogs)

The day before I pulled out a mould and spread some Colour Paste in Steel into it. I made sure I pushed it down into all the grooves and popping any air bubbles. I then left it to dry. 
When I was putting my page together I was then able to pop it out of the mould. It was flexible so I could glue it down into the shape I wanted.

For my chipboard title I first gave my letters a coating of Heavy White Gesso before giving it 2 coats of Singin' the Blues Colour Embossing Powder.

The two coats is just lush.

I layered some papers to frame my photo. I added cardboard behind a few layers to pop it up. 

I found a heart I had left over from a page from a few weeks ago. I had sprayed it with Singin' The Blues Shimmer Spray.

Putting my page together with all my elements I kept it pretty simple.

Thanks for looking. I hope I've given you some inspiration.
See you next time.

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