Wednesday 3 May 2017

Isn't she Lovely by Danielle Vertigan

Good Afternoon Colour Blast Creators....
Today is all about colour
We have enjoyed some extra burst of sun and I felt inspired to see it on my page.

The photo is all about fun and I think works really well.
To get started I needed a thicker cardstock for this one its going to get wet!
And I have again backed this onto chipboard for that extra strength.
Its great for preventing the page from warping.

I selected Colour Shimmer Dust in
I sprinkled it into sections on my layout using a palette knife.
See picture below

You can add as much or as little as you like.
I took this to my laundry tub.
Water is next and the spritz can spread the powder.
the finish on the page is fabulous but I've found the sink is the cleanest place for this.
Liberally apply the water and then make sure to lay it flat.
This prevents too much mixing if you prefer to keep the colours separate.

Next using a brush I mixed the remaining powder in with the excess water.

This deepens the colour nicely.
Use this opportunity to strengthen the colour in areas showing to be translucent.

Next you will need Black Heavy Gesso, a brush and a fork.

First apply the Gesso starting in the centre and brushing it out.
this creates the flicks around the edges.

Whilst wet run your fork through the Gesso in your desired pattern.
and allow to dry
You can do as much or as little as you like.

Some stamping around the edges, and a few simple embellishments is all this layout needs

I love the texture from the fork lines.

In this image you can see how it replicates the netting stamp.

Finally the speckle created from the spritz when the fine dust mixes with water
is fabulous.

What could you use at home to create texture?
The result is lots of colour and simple.
Keeping the background as a main feature.
For all your colour needs head to
Thanks for stopping by......

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