Thursday 4 May 2017

Jumping For Joel by Suzy Loudon

Behind this page is a very special story. When my son changed schools in year 7 he met a boy who was also new to the school. They became friends and made a pact to go Sky Diving together at the end of year 12. But in year 10 his friend passed away. So as a tribute to Joel my son donned his orange hawaiian "Joel" shirt & jumped out of that plane.

To create my page I first covered both sheets of white card with Heavy White Gesso. I did this so my Shimmer Dusts would sit on the page when activated rather than soak into the card. 

Once the Gesso was dry I sprayed a strip with water then sprinkled some Cobalt Colour Shimmer Dust & then sprayed it again until fully activated. 

I dripped the excess off onto my craft mat. I left my page to sit & dry a little before turning it over & dabbing it onto my mat to add coloured layers drying as I went.

I did the same process with Lush Colour Shimmer Dust, allowing the base to sit for a bit to dry before dabbing in the droplets on craft mat.

Here's how my page looked like once I had layered my Shimmer Dusts.

I spread some Tangareen Dream Colour Paste through a feather stencil

Paste is down & dry.

I did two coats of Dusty Charcoal Colour Embossing Powder on my chipboard letters.

I added a little background stamping.

For my second title, to begin with I painted the chipboard with Heavy White Gesso. I then mixed some of the Gesso with some Amber Colour Shimmer Dust giving it a good mix. I used a paint brush to paint it on my chipboard. 

Once dry it was a little too bright for what I had in mind. So I gave it a spray with my Steel Colour Shimmer Spray.

To colour my homemade embellishment  i sprayed some Saffron Colour Spray onto my mat & added a little water to water the colour down, After mixing I dabbed my arrow into the puddle until all covered.

For my next two arrows I sprayed one with Singin' The Blues Colour Shimmer Spray and the other with Sapphire Colour Spray.

I painted some chipboard in Heavy Black Gesso

After giving my Just Blue Shimmer Spray a really good shake I painted some wood veneer feathers.

When putting it together I backed my photos with varying layers of cardboard so they sat at different heights. I kept my embellishments fairly simple as there are a lot of photos. 

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