Thursday 11 May 2017

"52 reasons" by Amanda Hartmann

Hello Colour Blasters,
Today I am sharing a project I may have started in February for Valentine's Day....
....which seemed like a good idea at the time, but then I had to think of 52 reasons - LOL! Took me a little longer to finish the project to share with you today.
I started with a deck of cards.
Half of the cards, I painted with White Heavy Gesso.
And the other half with Black Heavy Gesso.
Then I selected a range of stencils and some Colour Pastes. The colours I used in the Colour Pastes were: Fire Engine, Deep Water and Steel.

Now I punched holes in the corners..

and laid them all out for a while to dry!
I decided it needed some extra colour, so I used some Colour Shimmer Dusts. I chose Lollipop and Peacock for this.
I simply painted the colour onto the cards.
For some extra sparkle I also did some paint splatters with Colour Shimmer Spray. I used Deep Water and Bling for this. I took the lid off, dipped my brush in and splattered it around.
{Note: Sorry to my scrapbook buddy on the adjacent table who may have inadvertently got some colour splatters on her page too - whoops!}
I put the cards onto a jump ring and then worked hard to write 52 reasons why I love my dear husband. Trust me, it wasn't that hard once I stopped procrastinating about it. LOL.
Dorland's Wax Medium (also available in store) is a handy thing - I just rubbed a little on the paste each card and this stops them sticking together.
 I added some ribbons and charm to the ring, and a few stickers and it was done!

Thanks for looking today.