Wednesday 17 May 2017

Its the Simple Thing by Danielle Vertigan

This is a phenomenon for me.....
The elusive layout that is clean.....
And free of embellishments!
A total anomaly!
Let me tell you the set up, the idea and the thought process started
out on a completely different path.
Even the photo was changed at the 1/2 way point!
(I'll make a note of telling you when it turned)

But all that is the best part of scrapbooking. Its the unknown and the undecided.
It can be whatever you want and adapt to whatever you want...
The products today speak for themselves and when I was completing this one
they drove the design...
My first thing has to layer my white cardstock with chipboard
then using the measurements from a cut down 4x6 photo
I cut down out my window in the desired location.
This can be anywhere.

My next step was to choose my colour. This was driven by my photo choice

Today I've chosen Caribbean Colour Spray

I sprayed it towards my frame line.
I wanted to get the overspray around the edges without covering to much of my page.

I'm really liking the splattered effect that's also happened because of my angle

Dragging the stalk along the frame edge I created a rough pattern.
I dipped the stalk regularly to keep it liberal and get plenty of colour.
In some areas I have allowed drips.

I worked on one side at a time moving the layout to allow excess liquid time to settle.
I only let the drips go quite shallow and you will also notice the liquid will stay within the
perimeter set and only extend further if you really shake it making control much easier.

At this point I'm waiting for it to dry and scanning my phone for another images for another layout.
I started printing and came across a photo I liked
Why not print it....
Hey that blue suits my layout!!!
Lay it under and my layout was made for it!!
With my new image in mind I found the
Bubblegum Colour Spray and flicked around my page using the stalk end.

After I turfed my planned photo, I decided to cut my base down 1.5cm from the top edge and one side edge.
I got a pink sheet of cardstock out and removed 1cm from the top edge and One side edge.
I then got out a black sheet of cardstock.

I layered the white on the pink and using a blade and recut my frame.
I them layered this with foam tape onto my black cardstock.
I freehand my border and added some journaling in a frame.

I layered my photo with Hessian and added it to my layout.

I loved how this stencil resembled track marks and I'm sure you will agree
I needed a touch of yellow
So using Sunshine Colour Paste.

I added the stencilling to my layout focusing on the frame of my photo.

As I moved the stencil around there was some residue left behind
This was a look I quite liked and can be seen in the pic below

 There was some final stencilling added to the edge of the layout to balance the overall
look of the piece.

The products really pop on this page.
And I think speak for themselves!
I went back to it multiple times wondering what to do next
But restraint was what was needed here and its just very effective.

Thanks for stopping by

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