Friday 12 May 2017

"Enjoy the Journey" bu Melissa Struhs

Hello Again Colour Blast Fans!
Recently I have been looking over a small pile of layouts that I felt still needed something. I wasn't quite sure what, couldn't find anything in my stash (I was sure there would be if I really looked) but I came up empty handed until I placed a chipboard order through work and spied the perfect piece to finish off a layout that has been patiently waiting for 6 months.

How gorgeous is this multi layered chipboard seahorse and with the layout design already completed, I just needed to decide on which Colour Blast products and colours I would need.

I knew that the two separate pieces would look quite textured once I started adding the layers but I really wanted the steampunk cogs to be much brighter than the seahorse shape.

Firstly, I inked heavily with a platinum ink

and then added a very heavy coat of Steel Colour Embossing Powder.

When I was heat setting it, my heat gun was bought in nice and close and I really gave it a long burst of heat, causing it to bubble and blister.

I decided that an ombre look could be an interesting effect. I chose ink colours quite close to my embossing powders, this gives a much bolder look to the colours when finished.

A green ink was applied under the Apple of my Eye Colour Embossing Powder and

an aqua ink was used under the Envy Colour Embossing Powder.

I also found a glossy journaling card with "Let's go on an Adventure" sentiment. It is really hard to photograph but as the layers of colours pile on....completely beautiful.

I like to build a little at a time...Paris Colour Shimmer Dust

was mixed with a little water

and splashed, painted and flicked over the surface of the card.

As it soaked in, a baby wipe was dabbed over the glossy words to remove any excess. And this same baby wipe helps with blending with any other colours I added from here on as well.

To bring a more aqua tone to the card, Envy Colour Shimmer Spray was added too.

Of course, the colour intensified and I was suddenly wishing I didn't go in as heavy handed. This is when I decided it needed a softer tint and reached for some Heavy White Gesso and watered it down to a thin consistency and sponged it over the journaling card

Some extra of the gesso was flicked across the Steel Seahorse for a splattered effect and then I could finally add my embellishments to the dress up my layout.

I love how it came together by simply tucking the card under diecuts and the chipboard element over the photo edge.

The steampunk seahorse compliments the black and white spliced photo of the aquarium tunnel and now I can be truly happy it is a finished layout.

Hope your weekend is a creative one,

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