Monday 18 December 2017

"Just be Yourself" by Mal

Hi all,
Mal here with something to share that is a bit different for me

So I had this quote I wanted to use and I felt like getting a bit messy and using my Colour Artist I decided I would do a bit of painting, well not painting exactly, not traditional painting, but using my inks, my fingers and a water brush.

I started with some Carribean Colour Spray over a stencil...isn't this girl just gorgeous?! It dries super quick so I was then able to start with my inks straight away.

I then took my little pots of awesome colour and dabbed my water brush and started laying some colour. I added water as I went and dabbed the excess ink with some paper towel.

I kept adding more inks in more colours. They also dry quickly so I was able to add colours without colours mixing.

Other colours I used were Spice, Grass, Cider, Berry, Barley, Oasis, Citrus and Slipper....most of the inks lol.

The inks are so easy to use, true to colour and quick drying. I love them and use them all the time now.
Have you got some?

Right, well I'm off to do a mass production of backgrounds with all my Colour Blast stuff...will show you in a couple of weeks.

Happy Mal

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