Monday 11 December 2017

Colour Artist Inks Colour Mixing with Selena Stevens

With the new Colour Artist Inks hitting the Colour Blast shelves I decided to try mixing them and see the colours that could be made with them.

To watch the time lapse video click here.  Or watch the video below

So, lets begin ...

I started by drawing a grid in my art journal with the names of all the Colour Artist Inks along the vertical line and repeated the names along the horizontal line.

I mixed the Colour Artist Ink from the vertical line with the horizontal line and put the new colour in the corresponding box. 

To do this I used a paintbrush and placed one colour on a palette and then got the same amount of the second colour out and mixed them together on the palette, making sure to wash the brush each time it changed colours.

I continued to do this until the grid was filled with lovely colour.  By mixing colours it is an easy way to turn 18 colours into 171 new colours and by changing the ratio of each colour an endless number of colours could be made.

The Colour Artist Inks are so vibrant and juicy.

The Colour Artist Inks can be purchased from your local stockists.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Until next time,

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