Wednesday 13 December 2017

Celebrating '40' by Danielle Vertigan

Don't you just love New goodies???
Well this one is a real treat.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Colour Artist Inks and they certainly don't disappoint.
To get started on this one I chose the Mermaid and Oasis.
A water spritzer, paint brush in two sizes and a water cup.

I started with Oasis and my larger brush.
Using white cardstock I mounted it onto 12x12 Chipboard.
I helps add stability and this one is gonna get wet.

Using the brush and painting direct from the pot I worked horizontally on my page.
I did this in a pattern that I found pleasing.

I'm really impressed with how easily it paints, the finish on the strokes.
How clean it is to work with and how fast it dries.
So far its tick, tick, tick from me.

Next I spritzed the ink with a water spray.
The pooling effect and water colour that develops is really effective.
All the small dots formed from where the spritzer first made contact.
there is also a fine mist overspray which you will se below.

The fine mist is clean and effective.
The water colouring is a real favourite particularly with the mix of blended colour with the clean brush strokes.

Using the thin brush I began adding the Mermaid Ink by holding it into wet areas and allowing it to spread.
I also really like it some wet areas the colour has separated creating the white void.

I continued the psocess of adding another colour and also added water using the brush.
I combined this with tilting and jolting the page to encourage runs.
Along water wash lines I painted in a fine line.

You will notice that in all the images there is no blending of colour.
They continue to remain separate even though I have been layering them ontop of each other.

I added another layer of colour by using the same process with Marine.

The way the ink interacts with the water is a real highlight.
The next product I added is Stormy Weather  Colour Paste
Using a spatula straight onto the page.
I completed this visually.

I then began spritzing a few random areas using
 Colour Shimmer Spray in Envy
This reactivated the dry ink creating a secondary watercolour stain.

My last step was to finish it off with some flicks direct from the stalk.
I set this aside and allowed to dry.
Then its time to embellish.....

Lots of layers and lots of Textures.

The different levels to the water colours is by far my favourite thing.

The way the Artist Inks react and separate is amazing.

I also love you can still have clean brush strokes.

Its taken me a whole year to get round to this image, but I think it was worth the wait...
To find all these goodies and more head too
Till next time


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