Friday 22 December 2017

Painted Floral Cards with Kasia

Hello lovelies, Kasia here again with more Colour Artist Ink goodness. I am really enjoying playing with these inks and seeing how they work in different situations.

For painting I like to use a palette and drop in the into each little well and work from there. It saves my inks from getting contaminated and gives me freedom to play and mix the colours as I please. 

I also like when the ink dries in the palette as I can pick up the tiniest amount of colour on the tip of my brush.

The image left was painted with the Colour Artist Inks while they were still fluid and the image on the right was after a few more layers that were painted with the ink dry on the palette. 

I like to add many layers of colour to my paintings and these were no different. 

The above images are as previously, painted with fluid Colour Artist Inks first and then finished off with  the inks dry in the palette. 

The predominant colours of Colour Artist Inks used in these floral images were: Cranberry, Sunburnt, Spice, Citrus and Berry for the flowers and Grass, Walnut, Lime Oasis and Citrus.

I added a little white Gel Pen to one of the flowers and left the tulip just painted. I then cut down the images, added a little bling and created a couple of cards. 

Wishing you all a magical Christmas and I look forward to inspiring you more in 2018. 

PS.. don't forget to have fun!

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