Sunday 10 December 2017

Turtley Cool Dude!! By Tracey Campbell

Hello Colour Blasters, I was feeling a bit inspired by kids TV when I was playing with the Colour Blast products this week and this cool looking turtle and snarly seahorse appeared.
 To start this creation I drew the turtle and seahorse onto some thick art paper with a lead pencil.
 Once I was happy with the outline I erased the extra pencil lines and applied a coat of water onto a small amount of the body of the turtle. I did a little bit at a time so not to let the water dry. 
Then using the Artist Inks in Cider, Lime and Calypso I painted onto the wet paper. I wanted the colours to blend and bleed together.  The Artist Ink will bleed as far as the water is painted so make sure that you do sections at a time - for example I only did up to the flipper and a small section of the body.
 I let each small section dry before working on the next as this kind of gave the disjointed look of a turtle shell.
 Once I had coloured all the turtle and the seahorse I used Heavy White Gesso to paint the outlines.

Whilst that was drying I went to work on creating a back ground. I sprinkled lines of Colour Shimmer Dust across some heavy white art paper. I was trying for a deep water look at sunset, so I used the Navy, Duke, Velvet, Lollipop, Lush, Sunflower and Candy Colour Shimmer Dust and lots of water spray to activate it.
 While the background was drying I fussy cut the turtle and the seahorse out and also some of the Soot Artist Ink in a fountain pen to draw on the eyes, noses and mouths of the creatures.
 Then adhered them to the background.
Such a fun and bright creations - now all I have to do is find a frame and hang it on Paige's (my 7 year old daughter) bedroom wall.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you are inspired.


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