Saturday 2 September 2017

"Go 4 a dip", by Amanda H

Hello..... and welcome to September!
Today I am sharing a multi-photo layout, using some pool photos of our girls with some friends. I have used primary colours to go with this theme, and as always, Colour Blast brings the perfect colours I need!
Here is a quick sneak peek of the page before I show you how I created it!
I knew I wanted to use my Colour Shimmer Dusts and water on this page, so it is always best to give my piece of white cardstock a coat of White Heavy Gesso before I start.
Today I used the plastic packaging technique. I lay out a large piece of clear plastic. I give it a few squirts of water and then sprinkle some Colour Shimmer Dust in the water (watch the colour explode!). I used the colour Peacock for this page.
Then flip the piece of plastic onto the cardstock and "smoosh" the colour on the page.
I mixed up more of the Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust with water, adding more dust so the colour is darker, and splattered the colour on the page with a paintbrush.
I also added a few splatters of Just Blue Colour Shimmer Spray.
Next, I added some Just Blue Colour Paste through a stencil for another layer of colour on the page.
I used some Duke Colour Shimmer Dust with some water to colour a piece of muslin for the page.
Of course, to finish my page, I love to colour my own embellishments, so I grab some white embellishments and get ready to give them the Colour Blast treatment!

 Firstly, I sprayed the ribbon and flower with Fire Engine Colour Shimmer Spray.

For some extra sparkle, I painted some Fire Engine Colour Shimmer Cube to these embellishments.

Needing some more orange tones, I then gave the ribbon and flower a spray of Tangareen Dream Colour Shimmer Spray. Layering up colours with Colour Blast is easy and effective; helping me achieve the perfect shade of colour I need.
And then for more colour, I painted some Tangareen Dream Colour Shimmer Cube.

Next, to the buttons. I gave the buttons a coat of White Heavy Gesso.


When they were dry, I sprayed them with Saffron Colour Spray.

And finally gave them a quick paint using Sunshine Colour Shimmer Cube.
With the background done and all my embellishments ready, it was time to put my layout together.
And here it is!

That is it from me today!
Thanks for looking.

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