Monday 11 September 2017

Happy Days by Malinda Gardner

I scrapped a card...yes you heard right...a card! I do like making cards but I feel a little intimadated by them for some reason...weird hey!
I like to treat them like a mini page without the photo.
This was for a girl's party my son was going to.

So I started with the background.
I have a art journal book that I like to try stuff in and it has pages that have a perforated edge so I can rip them out as I use them, perfect for cards.

I started with painting the page with Bubblegum Colour Spray just with a paint brush dipped in the bottle.

Next I took a stencil from Kinder Kreations and using my Bling Colour Paste wiped over the stencil using a piece of cardboard.

The colour of the paste when wet really doesn't show the bling, you have to wait until it dries.
How gorgeous is it!?

Next I painted some chipboard with some Colour Shimmer Dust in Lollipop.  This time I sprayed some water on my messy mat and then added a dollop of the dust with a paint brush to the water, mixed it up and painted straight onto the chipboard.

After drying, it has a great shimmer.

Lastly I added a few embellishments all from D-lish scraps of course and a few splats of Roadbase  Colour Spray and I'm done.
What do you think?

I'm really getting into cards at the moment...I just made some tags...will show you in a couple of weeks.

xxx Mal

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