Monday 25 September 2017

Today by Malinda Gardner

Hi all
I've got something pretty cool to share today.
Did you know that depending on how much water you add to the Colour Shimmer Dusts you can change the intensity of the colour and even the actual colour?

On this page I used Colour Shimmer Dust in only two colours, Sunflower and Amber, but I was able to get three colours in my page.
Using a water brush I added only a small amount of water to the Sunflower Colour Shimmer Dust and then swiped across my page to make stripes in yellow. 

Then I added more water and swiped more stripes in more of an orange colour.
Then using Amber Colour Shimmer Dust I swiped stripes in a more red colour.

See the yellow and then see the's only subtle but it's definitely different...but still the same Colour Shimmer Dust.
How cool is that?

For my title I sprayed a simple word cut out of white cardstock with Sunshine Colour Shimmer Spray and let dry. The cardstock soaks up some of the Colour Shimmer Spray and gives some depth to the simple flat title. I love the unevenness of the colour on the title.

After assembling my page with lots of embellishments like punchinella, gauze and flowers, I finally added some splats of Midnight Colour Shimmer Dust. Again I used a water brush and a small amount of the shimmer dust and then splat.

I love how you can add more water to the shimmer dusts and the colours change....very cool hey?

Happy scrapping.

xxx Mal

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