Monday 18 September 2017

Mascot Mayhem with Selena Stevens

I recently played at the Queensland State Polocrosse Titles.  To carry on my clubs tradition of having a mascot at this event I decided to dress up Miss 4 year old and her pony “Popcorn”.

I realise this post doesn’t have a lot to do with paper craft but bear with me because it definetly has the cute factor.

Here is the time lapse video of this process which I think you should watch for a bit of a giggle.  

I started by washing the pony.

I cut a stencil with a craft knife from a laminated pouch after running it through the laminator.  Any type of plastic would work but that is all I had.  Instead of using a craft knife a stencil could also be made from using a Big Shot or something similar.

I mixed up some Colour Shimmer Dust Lush with water in a container to take away with me on the weekend.  Beware,  once the water is added, the Colour Shimmer Dust becomes its true colour which isn’t what they look like when they are in their containers.

Using the prepared Colour Shimmer Dust Lush, I painted on the colour through the star stencil with a paintbrush.  I sprayed it with Glitter hairspray and left it to dry.

I then proceeded to dress up “Popcorn” so she was ready to perform as the club mascot in the Grand Parade.

I hope you enjoyed this.