Tuesday 5 September 2017

Masquerade Masks by Rachel Dutko

Hi Colour Blasters!

I have something a little different for my share today.
I recently attended a birthday party which had a photo booth and lots of dress-up props, which has inspired me to use my Colour Blast products to create some masquerade masks.

So let's take a look at how I created them-

I began with some plain, white plastic masks, so the first step was to coat them in Black Heavy Gesso. I applied 2 coats to make sure they had an even, smooth coverage.

Next came the tricky bit - stenciling on a round surface! 

I stenciled in a small area at a time so I could hold the stencil flat. 
Snow White and Bling Colour Pastes. 
I really like how the colour paste gives an extra bit of detail to the masks. 

Once they were dry the next step was to add the feathers.

Then time for some bling!

The finished products!

And here is me modelling them!!

These were really fun to make, 
and I hope I have inspired you today to think outside the square
to use your Colour Blast products in a different way!

Thanks for looking

Rachel x x

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