Monday 4 September 2017

Colour in a Brush with Selena Stevens

Today I am bringing you two projects in one with lots of colour.  

I love to take art supplies with me when I travel.  The easiest art supply I have found to travel with is watercolour.  And even easier than this is “watercolour” in a brush.  I am going to show how I did this with some of the Colour Blast range of products.

To watch a short time lapse video of this process click here here or watch below.

So lets begin….

I began with Colour Shimmer Dust (SunflowerLushVelvet, Navy, MidnightCobaltPeacock and Lollipop).  Using a palette knife, a small amount of the Colour Shimmer Dust is picked up and placed into the water brush.  Water is added and Colour Shimmer Dust dissolves and is ready to use.  These colours were so vibrant.

The Colour Mica Powder (Olive GroveCool MintPeach NectarWatermelon and Wisteria) is put into the water brush the same way as the Colour Shimmer Dust explained above.  These colours were lighter but very shimmery.

Using a water dropper, Colour Shimmer Spray  (EnvyFire EngineJust blueRoyaltyLeatherStormy Weather and Punch) was put into the water brush.

Labels were placed on all of these water brushes and a swatch was also done with them.

I then painted a face using these colours in a brush. 

To watch this time lapse process video click here or watch below.

So lets begin the face….

I started by drawing the outline of this face with Prismacolour Col-Erase pencil (Light Peach).  Then I began shading.  I started with my lightest colour, Colour Shimmer Dust Peach Nectar.  I found that this was too light so I added Colour Shimmer Dust Velvet to my shading.  Water from an aqua brush was also used to disperse the colour.

I continued to build up the shading by adding different colours including Colour Shimmer Spray Leather and Just Blue and Colour Shimmer Dust Peacock.  The Colour Shimmer Dust Peacock was also added to the eyes.

Colour Shimmer Dust Lollipop was added to the cheeks and lips, nose and eyes.
Strands of hair contained the colours Colour shimmer Dust Peacock, Lush, Velvet, Lollipop and Sunflower as well as Colour Shimmer Spray Envy and Just Blue.  Colour Shimmer Dust Sunflower and Colour shimmer Spray Just Blue and Envy were also added to the eyes.

The eyes were outlined with Colour Shimmer Dust Velvet.  This colour was also used to colour the pupils.

The pupils, lash line and eyelashes were made darker with a black paint pen.  While a white paint pen was used for the highlights.

I also added a quote with several of the colours I had used for the girls face.  For some of the words I just used the water brush as a pen.  The first word I drew the letter with water and then added drops of colour to the water so that the colour could disperse by itself.  The last word I combined the two techniques.

I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to see you try using this technique.


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