Wednesday 6 September 2017

To the Moon and Back by Danielle Vertigan

I'm up today and I have been playing with my
Colour Shimmer Dusts.
I think my favourite part of craft is when we go back
to a product we have put away for a while and re ignites a love. 
We get to experience a whole new perspective as we get to know it again.
So lets get started....
I used a 12x12 sheet of cardstock and my feature product
Colour Shimmer Dust.
You will also need water in a pot as well as a spray/Spritzer bottle and a paint Brush
Firstly I Sprinkled the Colour Shimmer Dust in  Lush
directly onto my layout.
I then spritzed it using the water spray creating the pooled effect.

Now spritz around the edges of your pooling.
This is the fun part
You will find the dust itself ends up slightly dispersed around your layout.
This is from the air pressure when you Spritz the first time.
So as you spritz around the area you will find colour picking up on your layout.

When you think about these finer particles you will come back to the fundamental basics of colour.
What makes up green???
Blue and yellow.
When the dust is spread fine like it is and you spritz the page you will pick up the basic core colours.
If this is something you want to avoid pre mix the colour with water and you will have a more predictable colour and control over the final colour result.

Come back to the centre and re spritz.
using your wet paint brush blend any remaining dust to dissolve.
We want to keep the water marking look for this layout but your brush can help you blend this if you choose too.

Next you will need a stencil and Colour Paste in

Laying the stencil over my layout I randomly used
Singin the Blues first.

I then repeated the process with Apple of my Eye going over some of the Blue to create a marbled effect.

The result is very effective.

Using a gel pen I free hand created a border both around my layout and my photo.
Flowers seemed the right choice to embellish mixed with wooden butterflies.

I decided to add some journal details on my layout using the black gel pen

I love how you can really see the variation of colours here.

The marbling of the colours creates its own softness not having any distinct lines of colour between the two pastes. 

The specks of colour are really effective in my white space while the colour pooling integrates really well with my photo.
The result is a lot of fun.
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Till next time....

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