Saturday 5 November 2016

Striping it back by Danielle Vertigan

Today its time to strip it back.
I quite enjoyed going back to stencilling and spritzing.
I don't do it often enough.
But what a finish you get from just keeping it basic.
My first step was to position the stencil and I then used the paper towel to border it so I could prevent any overspray.
I spritzed using the Bubblegum Colour Spray.

After removing the stencil
I turned the layout and replaced the
Paper towel to create my frame and prevent any colour over spraying on the stencil.
By turning the layout it means I was spraying into the page.
As seen in this image.

Using the Roadbase Colour Spray I flicked the stalk across
my layout to add contrast.
After choosing a selection of patterned papers I layered these
with my doily.
Using the Bling Colour Paste I added another layer over my paper selection.
This was completed in both the top and bottom sections.

Once I added my photos and layered embellishments it really came together.
I love the intensity of Bling.
I always say this I know but against a gold doily you really do get to see it shine.

The colour spray was used sparingly and has a nice clean result under the stencilling.

Thanks for stopping by.
I look forward to see how you pair it back????
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  1. Sometimes less is more and I do tend to get a little excited with all the wonderful products to play with. I like what you did and it's very subtle but still enhances the project. Thanks for sharing.
    Louise xo