Sunday 13 November 2016

Perfection - By Elisa Ablett

Hi Crafters, 

It's Elisa here again for my Sunday Scrap share on the Colour Blast Blog.

Today I am sharing a spring inspired layout featuring a photo I took with my new fab camera, capturing a perfect water droplet on a flower! 

I decided to work on a black background today which really makes the metallic, shiny and vibrant Pastes and Sprays pop!

These are some of the wonderful Colour Blast Goodies I have used on my layout and can be found here at the Colour Blast Shop.

Here is the finished layout - 

Let's start the tutorial :-)

First step - Gesso your title chipboard and place to the side to dry. Now it's time to start your background - Spray your white cardstock with water and then drip using a paint brush onto your wet area using a small amount of Paris, Lush, Velvet and Midnight Colour Shimmer Dusts from your paint tray (small amount of water added to your dusts in the paint tray)

While your page is wet, I dipped a fan brush into the Velvet Colour Shimmer Dust and just flicked the dry dust onto the wet area this causes beautiful swirly patterns to appear.

While the page is still wet, splatter small drips of Coffee Colour Spray and Leather Colour Shimmer Spray to add a touch of brown to the green colours (causing a nice olive colour to appear)

Grab a leaf stencil (Kaisercraft) and using a palette knife spread LeatherApple of My Eye and Royalty  Colour Pastes over the stencil, don't be afraid to smear them together, they can mix together and keep their individual colours! 

Woohoo! almost there - Next step once the Paste is dry is to water down some gesso and flick onto your page using a fan brush.

Ok maybe I spoke to soon, we still have aways to go :-) 

Now grab your now dry background and stamp a nice leafy or flower stamp using a sepia or brown inkpad over your coloured area, we are creating our own patterned coloured paper, uniquely created by you. Also stamp your quote with the same Sepia Ink.

After you have stamped, cut your paper ( I know its hard) into weird rectangular shapes and piece them back together like a puzzle, then matt your photo in white. Once your photo is matted stick your patterned shapes behind your photo in a layered cluster.

So we made it to this step - and I have had a light bulb moment and have changed my end I went back and added a bit more paste with the stencil on the left hand side of my layout. Also I added more splatters of gesso on the left side as well.

After I had stuck my photo and backing paper down to my layout, I used some of the leftover Lush Colour Shimmer Dust liquid to colour my flower to match my layout. Cut your quote out and layer white thread underneath. Add a white die cut leafy sprig and a few more splashes of Colour Shimmer Spray in Royalty and Apple of my Eye. Stick your title down.

 Here are some close ups for the finer details...

Here is another look at the Finished layout.

Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial today.

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Elisa xx

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